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At the fundamental level, MiChem aims at observing, understanding and predicting the reactivity of objects of the sub-nanometric (or attosecond) level at the macroscopic level, and then of synthesizing new molecular and supramolecular structures with controlled properties, Organizing and analyzing them using bottom-up approaches. Michem develops new methods of synthesis and develops state-of-the-art instruments breaking all the current scientific pitfalls.

These new concepts are applied in particular to 5 scientific areas :

  • the health (theragnosis)
  • The environment (eco – compatible synthesis, pollutant sequestration);
  • the Astrochemistry
  • the Nanochemistry for energy and information technology (storage, photovoltaic devices, and new materials for the production of clean energy)
  • The cultural heritage (microanalysis, non-invasive methods for restoration and conservation)
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