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Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences is distinguished by the first graduate school with a fusion of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and health science established in Japan. It also collaborates closely with University Hospital and Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine in Kasumi Campus.

Kasumi Campus, Hiroshima University is one of the prominent medical campuses in Japan, is equipped with facilities to provide sustained education from undergraduate to graduate programs.

Highly specialized personnel trained in those fields are required to deepen relations with other fields for the basis of treatment team as well as to develop education research in conjunction with areas in health and medical sciences.

Emphasizing the guiding principles of Hiroshima University (Pursuit of peace, Creation of new forms of knowledge, Nurturing of well-rounded human beings, Collaboration with the local, regional and international community and Continuous self-development), the basic aims are as follows;

  • To promote fundamental research in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences, health sciences
  • To explore new areas of knowledge through exercising synthetic, scientific and advanced research
  • To foster educators, scientists, highly specialized personnel who possess extensive knowledge and advanced skills
  • To contribute to the development of human health and welfare, medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences and health sciences at a global level

 Some of the Courses Offered are:

Medical and Dental Sciences Course

  1. Anatomy and Developmental Biology
  2. Neurobiology
  3. Cardiovascular Physiology and Medicine
  4. Neurophysiology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Biomedical Chemistry
  7. Molecular and pharmacological neuroscience
  8. Molecular Pathology
  9. Pathology
  10. Virology
  11. Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Control and Prevention
  12. Public Health and Health Policy
  13. Forensic Medicine
  14. Immunology
  15. Calcified Tissue Biology
  16. Oral Biology
  17. Physiology and Oral Physiology
  18. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  19. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathobiology
  20. Bacteriology
  21. Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
  22. Biomaterials
  23. Mucosal Immunology
  24. Cellular Biology
  25. Molecular Radiobiology
  26. Disease Model
  27. Genetics and Cell Biology
  28. Human Genetics
  29. Molecular Oncology
  30. Experimental Oncology
  31. Stem Cell Biology
  32. Radiation Medicine
  33. Epidemiology
  34. Environmetrics and Biometrics
  35. Radiation Biophysics
  36. Dental Education(Advanced General Dentistry)
  37. Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development
  38. Systems Medical Science

Medical Physics Course:

Radiation Oncology

Public Health Course:

  1. Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Control and Prevention
  2. Public Health and Health Policy
  3. Forensic Medicine
  4. General Medicine
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