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Japan: International Christian University (ICU)

International Christian University is Japan’s first liberal arts college. It was founded in 1953 based on Christian principles, with the aim of “cultivating capable individuals, who will serve both God and people and who will contribute to lasting peace.”

The university offers majors in 31 subjects which include traditional disciplines such as literature, physics and psychology, as well as problem-oriented ones such as peace studies and regional studies on the U.S. and other countries.

Departments / Subject Areas:

  1. Art and Cultural Heritage
  2. Music
  3. Literature
  4. Philosophy and Religion
  5. Economics
  6. Business
  7. History
  8. Media, Communication and Culture
  9. Anthropology
  10. Sociology
  11. Biology
  12. Chemistry
  13. Physics
  14. Mathematics
  15. Information Science
  16. Education
  17. Language Education
  18. Linguistics
  19. Psychology
  20. American Studies
  21. Asian Studies
  22. Development Studies
  23. Environmental Studies
  24. Gender and Sexuality Studies
  25. Global Studies
  26. Japan Studies
  27. Peace Studies
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