India: National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) 142 views

India: National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)

National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) trains a large number of students in the chemical and allied disciplines. NCL provides a vibrant academic atmosphere enabling inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of research to flourish under one roof.

It is an organization undewer CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)

Covered Subject Areas:

  1. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry,
  2. Physical Chemistry,
  3. Materials Chemistry and Physics,
  4. Advanced Functional Materials,
  5. Materials for Solar Energy,
  6. Nanomaterials,
  7. Polymer Science & Engineering,
  8. Green Chemistry,
  9. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis,
  10. Biochemistry,
  11. Molecular biology,
  12. Structural biology,
  13. Proteomics,
  14. Plant Tissue Culture,
  15. Organic Chemistry,
  16. Chemical Engineering,
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