Premium support for scholarships, training programs or jobs

  • Getting admission to higher education or training programs from world leading Universities, research center or industries is imperative to secure a successful career. Current education system requires financial support for majority of students to complete their higher education or training, but getting enough funds (in term of scholarships/grants) is challenging. Planning and preparation in advance is very important for the applicants and need a proper guidance to secure opportunities. Numerous scholarships/ grants / training programs/ jobs are available worldwide but finding a suitable program and getting funds or jobs is competitive.
  1. Recently, we have started premium support where we will help candidates to provide information to improve your chances to win scholarships, jobs or other training programs.
  2. Kind of support expected from us:
  3. Help to choose suitable program: There are many students who can be leader in the field of interest, but lack of guidance leads them to less productive field. We will give you guidance in time so that you can identify your interest.
  4. Help to choose leading Universities, research center or industries: Finding Universities, research center or industries in your field of interest is important. We will extend our support so that you can choose a suitable one.
  5. How to prepare: We will extend our support so that you can prepare an effective application.
    1. We will evaluate your CV and let you know how to improve for best output
    2. How to get reference letters
    3. Content for reference letter
    4. How to write statement of purpose (SOP)
    5. How to write letter of motivation
  6. How to prepare for internship: We will extend our support so that you can prepare an effective application.
  7. There could be several other academic or industrial issues that are not mentioned above. We will try to connect you with experts so that you can get help.
  8. How to Subscribe:
  9. You need to choose Subscription plan and make the payment.
  10. Send your payment proof via email to
  11. We will confirm your subscription plan in two working days.
  12. We will assign mentor for you and will share required documents.
  13. We will provide further information accordingly.
  • Subscription Plan:
  • Basic Plan: INR 1000/- Yearly
  • Advance Plan: INR 5000/- Yearly
  1.  FAQ
  2. What is the difference between Basic and Advance plan
  3. Information and guidance shall be available in in both the plan.
  • Basic Plan:
  • We will provide you template and all the required information so that you can prepare your application yourself.
  • Interaction shall be done by email only.
  • Advance Plan:
  • We will take extra effort to customize your application. Not just limited to provide template.
  • Interaction shall be done by email or chatting (we will schedule if required).
  • Contact:
  • Send email to for query related to Premium Support only
  • For other query: send email to

Basic Plan

Advance Plan