Fully-funded Doctorates in Water Science and Engineering: Improve the quality of life of billions of people. 28 fully-funded EPSRC Doctorates in water science and engineering available starting October 2015. A new generation of science and engineering professionals is needed to deliver the fundamental scientific understandings that will underpin more sustainable and resilient water services. Innovative research in areas such as emerging pollutants, informatics, low-energy processes, optimization, and resource recovery and reuse will shape the future of society’s relationship with water as both a natural resource and a utility service.

This work is going on in eight of the UK’s leading research universities through the STREAM Industrial Doctorate Centre for the Water Sector and the Water Informatics: Science and Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training. The universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Cranfield, Exeter, Imperial, Newcastle and Sheffield have bought together have their individual academic excellence in water science and engineering to deliver a collaborative doctoral programme that fosters new levels of innovation in research.

Our training and research programmes reflect a strong professional development ethos, provide a research experience which combines academic rigour with real world problem solving, and ensure that you have the opportunities to progress your career in the global water sector.

Both centres are now welcoming applications for new cohorts starting in October 2015 with opportunities available across a wide range of topics and disciplines.

For more details please visit the CDTs at: www.stream-idc.net and www.wisecdt.org

To apply, please click on the ‘Apply’ button.