7 PhD in Integrated Remote Sensing and Numerical Forecasting at a new centre for research-based innovation (CIRFA) (IVT – 85/15): The Department of Physics and Technology at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway together with research partners and industrial partners was awarded a Centre of Research based Innovation (SFI) by the Norwegian Research Council for the period 2015 to 2023.

The “Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations (CIRFA)” (http://cirfa.uit.no/) will contribute with research on methods and technologies that can reliably detect, monitor, integrate and interpret multi-sensor data describing the physical environment of the Arctic, and efficiently assimilate this information into models to perform predictions of sea ice state, meteorological and oceanographic conditions. This is necessary in order to meet challenges related safe maritime industrial operations in Arctic waters, and important technologies to meet challenges related to environment and climate. CIRFA shall do research which founds basis for innovation and new technical solutions to real challenges in the High North.

PhD fellowship 6: Ice drift prediction and mitigation of impact on marine operations. Employer: NTNU – The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (http://www.ntnu.no). The position is forthree years. NTNU-reference: IVT-85/15.

Station-keeping of marine structures is challenged by drifting sea ice. Use of on board systems such as cameras and marine radars may detect movements in the ice field. The project will study algorithms that can identify such movements and identify ice features, and in this way predict the actions on the structures. In case of DP this may be used for thruster allocation.

Specific requirements: We are looking for candidates with a master degree in engineering, with a solid and documented background in physics, mathematics, marine engineering or control engineering. The successful candidate has the motivation and broad background need for interdisciplinary research. It is considered beneficial if the candidate has relevant background in arctic technology or fieldwork experience.

 The research activity will be associated with the SFI Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology(SAMCoT) at NTNU (https://www.ntnu.edu/amos).

Contacts: Professor Sveinung Løset.: Sveinung.Loset@ntnu.no

For positions at NTNU:

Applicants must be qualified for admission as PhD students at NTNU. Seehttp://www.ntnu.edu/ime/research for information about PhD studies at NTNU.

Working conditions

PhD fellowship: The normal period of employment is three or four years. The nominal length of the PhD programme is three years. The fourth year, distributed as 25 % of each year, shall be used for teaching or other duties for the university.

A shorter period of appointment may be decided when the research fellow has already completed parts of his/her research training programme or when the appointment is based on a previous qualifying position (PhD Candidate, research assistant, or the like) in such a way that the total time used for research training amounts to three years.

Remuneration for the position of PhD Candidate is in accordance with the State salary scale code 1017. A compulsory contribution of 2 % to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund will be deducted.


An expert committee will assess the applicants. The committee’s mandate is to undertake an assessment of the applicants’ qualifications based on the written material presented by the applicants, and the detailed description drawn up for the position.

The applicants who are assessed as the best qualified will be called to an interview. The interview shall among other things aim to clarify the applicant’s personal suitability for the position. A trial lecture may also be held.

 UiT The Arctic University of Norway wishes to increase the proportion of females in research positions. In the event that two or more applicants are found to be approximately equally qualified, female applicants will be given priority.


The application and documents must be submitted electronically via the application form available at this page.

The application must include:

  • Letter of application
  • CV (containing a complete overview of education, supervised professional training and professional work)
  • Certified copies of diplomas and references

Diploma and transcripts from your Bachelor’s degree or equivalen, Diploma and transcripts from your Master’s degree or equivalent (Foreign applicants are advised to attach an explanation of their University’s grading system,

Diploma supplement for completed degree and documentation of English language proficiency.

  • Master’s thesis or equivalent and other works (published or unpublished) which the applicant wishes to be taken into consideration during the assessment process. The applicants personal contribution to the submitted work should be indicated explicitly on a separate sheet.
  • References (including contact details) and letters of recommendation.

All documentation that is to be evaluated must be certified and translated into English or a Scandinavian language.

 Information and material to be considered during the assessment must be submitted by the stipulated deadline.

Questions concerning the organisation of the working environment, such as the physical state of the place of employment, health service, possibility for flexible working hours, part time, etc. may be directed to the telephone reference in this announcement.


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