Master Thesis in Germany: We invite applications from highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality from Life Sciences for a position as a Diploma/Master student in Life and Natural Sciences. The student will be affiliated with the Research Group Steininger at the Medical University of Vienna (Infectious Diseases Division) and will be responsible for his/her own project within a larger, interdisciplinary project.

The focus of the present FWF funded project is on unravelling the significance of genotype-specific immunity against cytomegalovirus (Project# P 28102). Novel technologies will be used and optimized in this project (DAPA procedure). The program offers excellent scientific and transferable skills training and there are no tuition fees. Project-related collaborations are integral part of the present project and provide the opportunity for an extended learning opportunity:

University of Freiburg, Germany

– Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria

– University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

The student will receive a scholarship during the Master studies

The Research Institutions

The focus of the group Steininger is on the interaction between human Cytomegalovirus and the human immune system. This human herpesvirus employs more than 100 different mechanisms that allow the virus to modulate and subvert the host’s immune response. The immune system adapts to its opponent. The equilibrium of forces is tipped by the occurrence of an immunodeficiency in the course of an organ-transplantation or HIV infection. We aim at elucidating critical immunological and biological mechanisms that may tip the balance in favor of the human immune system. The lab of the group Steininger are located in a new tailor-made building at the center of the Vienna Medical University campus, within walking distance of Vienna’s historical city center. According to a study by “The Scientist”, this is among the top 5 best places to work in academia world-wide (

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The labs are fully equipped for state-of-the art molecular and structural biology research and the groups are embedded in a multidisciplinary and highly collaborative work environment involving also the General Hospital of Vienna. Vienna is frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. It is a United Nations city with a large English-speaking community. The official language at the two labs is English, as more than 30 different nationalities are represented at the different research facilities.

The Candidate

We seek a candidate with a strong background in molecular biology. Experience in immunology would be appreciated. The ideal candidate features excellent work ethics and communication skills and should have experience working in an environment that requires high levels of accuracy and problem-solving competence.

Applications for the position shall be submitted until September 7, 2015 to christoph.steininger(at) The project starts in October/November 2015 with a two-months practical training. Your full application includes your CV and a short letter of motivation.

Field: Immunology & Virology

Institute: Medical University of Vienna

Last date :07.09.2015

Contact person

Name:Dr. Christoph Steininger