PhD positions is available in NMR at EPFL with Professor Lyndon Emsley in the Laboratory for Magnetic Resonance at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland,

The projects involve the development of new experimental methods to determine the structure of complex solid materials at different length scales, from atomic level structures to micro-meter level organisation and architecture.

Approaches include dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced multi-dimensional correlation spectroscopy, high-resolution homonuclear dipolar decoupling, or the development of advanced computational methods using DFT to calculate NMR parameters or molecular modelling methods to calculate structures.

The goals are to determine structure-activity relations in pharmaceutical polymorphs, polymer composites, controlled release formulations, porous materials or catalytic surfaces.

The EPFL is one of the world’s leading universities, located on a beautiful campus on the shores of Lake Geneva. The Laboratory has extensive state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, including advanced solid-state DNP instrumentation. More information in can be found here: The PhD positions are fully funded, and provide a high standard of living.

Motivated candidates with an undergraduate background in chemistry or physics should send their CVs

Deadline – not mentioned