Doctoral program in chemistry and chemical engineering

The doctoral program in chemistry and chemical engineering provide an educational and research environment in chemical sciences and engineering. The chemical sciences are of vital importance in the modern world, and the research undertaken in our Institute spans fundamental studies in theoretical chemistry and biochemistry to applications in devices and engineering.

We aim for top international level.The links on this page should help to provide a more detailed picture of our Institute and reveal that it is exciting environment in which to conduct research in the chemical sciences and engineering. Our doctoral program admits students directly after Master degree or exceptionally after a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. The duration of the program is 4 years, and admission is on a competitive basis. We have actually over 200 PhD students registered. The program is entirely in English.

Candidates are invited to submit their applications prior to January 15, April 30th or September 15th.EPFL has an attractive campus, offering many sports activities. Lausanne is a lively and well-connectedcity in the center of Europe, close to the Swiss Alps.

EDCH Chemistry and Chemical Engineering