25 postdoctoral positions: ETH Zurich

Position 1: Postdoctoral researcher to work on interactive perception algorithms for medical imaging analysis

Visual Intelligence and Systems group / Computer Vision Laboratory

Position 2: Post-Doctoral Researcher in biomechanics – in silico trials for quantifying the effectiveness of different strategies for preventing hip fractures

Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC)

Position 3: PostDoctoral Research Position in Rapid Earthquake Characterization and Earthquake Early Warning

Swiss Seismological Service

Position 4: PostDoctoral Researcher Position in Seismotectonics

Swiss Seismological Service (SED)

Position 5: PostDoc: Advanced perovskite image sensors

Functional Inorganic Material group (KovalenkoLab)

Position 6: Postdoc position in planetary science – cosmic dust / heliosphere

Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Astrophysical dust group

Position 7: PhD Position in Immersive Wave Experimentation for Realizing Metamaterials, Focusing Functions and Space-Time Transformations

Institute of Geophysics

Position 8: Postdoctoral position in ‘closed-loop non-invasive brain stimulation, human electrophysiological signal processing, and human cognition’

Department of Health Sciences and Technologies (D-HEST)

Position 9: Postdoc – 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality Creation of Natural Forest Environments

Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Position 10: Postdoc – Forest management planning

Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems

Position 11: Postdoctoral researcher in quantum cavity optomechanics

D-MAVT, Nanophotonic Systems Laboratory

Position 12: Postdoctoral Researcher: “Numerical simulations of urban heat island mitigation measures”

Chair of Building Physics

Position 13: Postdoctoral researcher within the field of thin film technology for sensors

Institute for Chemical & Bioengineering

Position 14: Postdoctoral researcher in microscale heat control

Nanophotonic Systems Laboratory, D-MAVT

Position 15: Postdoctoral Position (5 years) in the Consumer Behavior Group

Consumer Behavior Group

Position 16: Postdoctoral researcher on ultrafast dynamics of materials near phase transitions

Department of Physics

Position 17: Post-Doc “Use of bio-based material for climate neutral buildings”

Chair of Sustainable Construction

Position 18: Postdoc Position: Single cell manipulation with the FluidFM technology

Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBT)

Position 19: Postdoctoral Research Position Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 membrane proteins by solid-state NMR

Research Group of Prof. Beat Meier, Laboratory for Physical Chemistry, D-CHAB

Position 20: Postdoctoral position on “Microbial behavior in soil”

Institute of Environmental Engineering

Position 21: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Checkout-free Retail Systems

Chair of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Position 22: Postdoc in development and applications of CRISPR-based living microbial diagnostics

Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering

Position 23: Postdoctoral Research Scientists in Superconducting Quantum Computing

Quantum Device Lab

Position 24: Postdoc position in Fabrication-aware Generative Design

Institute of Construction and Infrastructure Management and Institute of Technology in Architecture

Position 25: PostDoc Position in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry

Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry

Position 26: Postdoctoral position on “Modeling the biophysics of microbial communities”

Environmental Microfluidics Group

Position 27: Postdoc on the Economics of Privacy, IT Security & Automated Decision-making

Center for Law & Economics

Organization ETH Zurich
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Country Switzerland
Subject areas All disciplines
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies

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