Plant Science Jobs: PhD and Postdoc Positions in Biotechnology / Life sciences

Available positions are listed below

  1. Postdoctoral and PhD-student Positions – Reconstitution of pollinator-mediated speciation in Petunia

Location: University of Bern, CH Deadline: 20/06/2017

2. Postdoctoral position to study phosphorylation of plant receptor kinases

Location: The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK Deadline: 21/05/2017

3. Post doctoral position in molecular genetics of recognition of effectors from late blight (Phytophthora infestans) by Rpi genes.

Location: The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK Deadline: 02/06/2017


Location: CRAG, ES Deadline: 12/06/2017

5. Plant Biotechnology Scientist

Location: Scion, NZ Deadline: 20/05/2017

6. Research Leader – Plant Propagation and Automation

Location: Scion, NZ Deadline: 14/05/2017

7. Postdoc Plant-soil-insect interactions

Location: Universiteit Leiden, NL Deadline: 24/05/2017

8. Two Postdoctoral fellow postions (f/m) in the area of structural biology

Location: MPI Cologne, DE Deadline: 01/06/2017

9. Postdoc scientist – Multiscale Fruit Modeling: integrating biophysical fruit growth with biochemical metabolisms in 9 fruits

Location: INRA, FR Deadline: 15/06/2017


Location: INRA, FR Deadline: 26/05/2017

11. Tenure track position in plant pathology

Location: Aarhus University, DK Deadline: 01/07/2017

12. Senior researcher/associate professor – Nitrogen Cycling in Cropping Systems with Legumes

Location: Aarhus University, DK Deadline: 01/08/2017

13. Professor in horticultural sciences, specialising in genetics

Location: SLU Alnarp, SE Deadline: 31/07/2017

14. Postdoctoral Position: Role of receptor kinases in cell wall remodeling events

Location: Lausanne, CH Deadline: 31/07/2017

15. Postdoctoral Position: Structural and mechanistic characterization of Cell wall signaling cascades

Location: Lausanne, CH Deadline: 07/2017

16. Research technician position

Location: Lausanne, CH Deadline: 31/05/2017

17. Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral position – “Promoting low-input crop diversification in Europe through actor-oriented research”

Location: Wageningen University, NL Deadline: 29/05/2017

18. PhD Position in Plant Molecular Biology

Location: Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP), University of Tübingen, Deadline: unitl filled

19. Head of Feed Unit

Location: EFSA, IT Deadline: 29/05/2017

20. One-year postdoc position in Developmental Biology

Location: University of Liège, BE Deadline: 15/05/2017

21. Post-Doc position – Bioinformatics/Evolutionary Biology and Genetics

Location: University of Liege, BE Deadline: 01/07/2017

22. Research Scientist – inheritance, function and evolution of DNA methylation

Location: John Innes Centre, UK Deadline: 18/05/2017

23. Postdoctoral researchers / Research Scientists

Location: Keygene, NL Deadline: 25/05/2017


Location: EFSA, Parma, IT Deadline: Until filled

25. PhD student in Plant Physiology

Location: Stockholm University, SE Deadline: 30/06/2017


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