Casimir Research School Leiden University’s and Delft University of Technology’s joint research school in interdisciplinary physics.

Positions at Molecular Biophysics

Molecular Biophysics

  1. PhD position in Leiden, Schmidt lab: Single-Molecule Cell Biology
  2. PhD position in Delft, Nynke Dekker lab: Single-molecule studies of DNA replication
  3. PhD position in Delft, Chirlmin Joo lab: Single-molecule study on microRNA
  4. PhD-position in Photonics at Delft University of Technology: Photonic Components for a Photoacoustic Imaging Chip
  5. PhD position in Delft, Depken lab: Building stochastic models to explore the implication of component exchange for the robust operation of genetic information processing complexes
  6. PhD position in Leiden, Semrau/Hille group: fellowship in biophysics/ systems biology of stem cells
  7. PhD position in Delft, Cees Dekker lab: Superresolution imaging of Z-ring dynamics in bacteria (with Seamus Holden at Newcastle)
  8. PhD position in Delft, Cees Dekker lab: DNA plectonemes
  9. PhD position in Delft, Cees Dekker lab: Superresolution nanoscopy of chromatin structure
  10. PhD position in Delft, Cees Dekker lab: Biomimetic nuclear pore complexes
  11. PhD Position in Delft, Cees Dekker lab: Synthetic cell division
  12. PhD position in Delft, BioNano: Molecular Neuroscience
  13. PhD position in Delft, Boukany group (soft living matter): “Flow and Deformation of Cancer Cells near Yielding”
  14. PhD position in Delft, Koenderink lab: Disentangling cytoskeletal crosstalk in cell mechanics
  15. PhD position in Leiden, Huber lab: Development of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods for Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Physics of Nanostructures

  1. PhD position in Delft, Caro group: Trapping and Raman-identification of bacteria in water using photonic crystal cavities
  2. PhD position in Delft, Van der Zant lab: on room-temperature molecular electronics
  3. PhD Openings in Delft, Kuipers lab
  4. PhD position in Delft, QN: two positions in Electron Nanoscopy of Quantum Materials
  5. Two PhD positions in Delft, Steeneken and Van der Zant Lab: Nanomechanical graphene microphones, bolometers, gas and pressure sensors.
  6. PhD position in Delft, van der Sar Lab: Diamond Nanophotonics
  7. PhD position in Delft, van der Sar Lab: Quantum microscopy with NV center nanophontonics

Quantum Matter and Functional Materials

  1. PhD position in Leiden, Groot/Juurlink lab: methanol steam reforming catalysis
  2. PhD position in Leiden, Beenakker group: Graphene and Topological Insulators
  3. PhD position in Leiden, Allan lab: Visualizing the emergence of high-temperature superconductivity using the spin Hall effect
  4. PhD position in Leiden, Allan lab: Quasi(un)particle spectroscopy in strange metals
  5. Two PhD positions in Delft, Mulder group: EU project on lithium battery materials, spectroscopy an material testing
  6. Two PhD positions in Delft, Mulder group: electrochemistry, catalysis and material testing
  7. Two PhD positions in Delft, Mulder group:
  8. Two PhD positions in Delft, Mulder group: NWO project on electrochemistry, spectroscopy and material testing
  9. PhD Position in Delft: NWO Materialen NL Materials challenges: Tailored magnetocaloric materials for magnetic heat pumps

Quantum Information and Quantum Optics

  1. PhD position in Delft, Kouwenhoven lab: Study of one dimensional semiconducting nanowires and carbon nanotubes for the development of topological qubits
  2. PhD position in Delft, Hanson lab: Experimental quantum networks: foundations and applications
  3. PhD position in Delft, Di Carlo lab: Feedback control of superconducting circuits for quantum information processing
  4. PhD position in Delft, Groeblacher lab: Quantum optomechanics with photonic crystal cavities
  5. PhD position in Delft, Akhmerov group
  6. PhD and postdoc positions in Delft, VanderSypen lab: Quantum computation and simulation on a silicon chip
  7. PhD position in Delft, Scappucci group: Silicon-germanium materials for quantum computing
  8. PhD positions at the International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology
  1. PhD position in Leiden, Löffler Lab: Many-photon quantum entanglement

Dynamic Complex Systems

  1. Three PhD positions in Leiden, Luca Giomi Group: Tissue hydrodynamics
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Organization Casimir Research School
Fellowship Level Phd / Postdoc / Mastsers
Country Netherlands
Subject areas Natural Scieneces
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Varies
Deadline Varies

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