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Eastern Mediterranean University offers scholarship opportunities in the form of tuition-fee for new students from Turkey and other international students in PhD and Master’s programs. Each academic semester, students who will enroll in their respective programs for the first time during the relevant semester may apply for scholarship opportunities.

  • For International Students: 100% or 50% scholarship in PhD and 50% in Master’s programs
  • For Turkey Students: 100 % and 50% scholarship in PhD and Master’s programs.
  • Students registered with special or visiting student status are not eligible to receive this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

PhD program candidates: (for International/Turkey nationals)

  • requirement: 3.00 (out of 4.00) or higher undergraduate graduation CGPA.
  • The departments will rank the applicants based on their departmental assessment criteria (not only CGPA)
  • The results will be announced according to the scholarship calendar.
  • The shortlisted candidates will be required to complete their registration by the working hours of deadline

Master’s Program Candidates:

  • For Turkey nationals: Min. requirement to be considered for 100% scholarship is 3.00 (out of 4.00) or higher undergraduate graduation CGPA.
  • Minimum requirement to be considered for 50% scholarship is 2.75 (out of 4.00) or higher undergraduate graduation CGPA.

International master’s program candidates

  • The 50% scholarships for international students who will enroll in a master’s program will be announced after the acceptance decision is made to the program. This scholarship information will appear in the letter of acceptance for the program.

Conditions for the Continuation of the Scholarship

  • Period of scholarship is 4 semesters in master’s programs and 10 semesters in PhD programs during the normal period of the program.
  • Student’s part time or full time status will not affect the period of scholarship.
  • Semesters of extensions and freezing of registration are not included in the scope of the scholarship.
  • Students must not fail in any exam and should get the min grades so that the scholarship continues.
  • Scholarship period is not extended for extra semesters of study emerging due to program changes.
  • A student giving up the scholarship may not return back to the scholarship status unless, re-registers to the university and re-applies for the scholarship.
Quick Overview————-
Organization Eastern Mediterranean University
Fellowship Level PhD, Master’s
Country Turkey
Subject areas All Disciplines
Fellowship amount Tuition-fee
Eligibility Open for international and Turkey nationals
Deadline August

Online application 


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