With Einstein BIH Visiting Fellowships are operating abroad top academics from the spectrum of the life sciences for a continuous guest activities at the Berlin Institute for Health Research | Won Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and integrated long term the Berlin research.

The overall funding target is that BIH and its common research area with the Charité – in certain areas targeted to strengthen Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Charité) and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) with excellent personalities and the international visibility of the Berlin Health Research to increase.

The Charité Foundation promotes Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows with funds from its private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt . The program is conducted in cooperation with the Einstein Foundation Berlin. The Einstein Foundation Berlin has in turn at times independent Einstein Visiting Fellows without the focus on the BIH or the Berlin health research.

The Charité Foundation also has program line ” Humboldt Research Fellowships for BIH ” and “BIH Short-term Fellows ” to attract established and younger junior scientists and scholars from abroad for a guest activity on BIH.

Coverage of support
A or an Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow will receive a total of up to 150,000 euros per year. The funding period is three years. A renewal application for funding of a further two years can be found.

The Fellows may use the name “Einstein Visiting Fellow BIH” during their promotion.

Funding can consist of

  • Personal funds for employees of be established working group (u. A. For a / e postdoctoral / in which / who takes over management responsibilities in Berlin)
  • a reasonable allowance for or Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow under the rules of the host institution and based on the qualifications and the position of the Fellows in their home country and
  • Material resources in the from or the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow for his research projects deemed necessary extent.

The BIH or the host unit of the Charité or MDC guarantees from its own resources, the provision of suitable jobs, including the necessary infrastructure for all employees of the group.

Between the Charité Foundation and or the Einstein Visiting Fellow BIH are no contractual relations. All necessary appointments should be taken directly between the BIH or the host unit of the Charité or the MDC and the or the Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow.

applications can be made by scientists who run at the Charité a CharitéCentrum, an institution or a clinic or at the MDC a research topic or a research group. Applications shall be made in each case for the desired or the required Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow. The desired or Fellow must be a senior scientist and a leading scientist.

Application and Evaluation Criteria

The application consists of

  1. Information on the required or desired Einstein Visiting Fellow BIH and their or its scientific reputation (incl. CV and publication list) and the proposed research project,
  2. a representation of the importance of the host unit of the Charité and the MDC, including
    • Information on frequency and duration of planned visits to Berlin,
    • Theme and size of the proposed working group in Berlin,
    • Explanation of planned measures for inclusion in the Berlin research,
    • Representation of jointly planned between fellow and hospitable imaging unit research project,
    • Of the intensity of existing or completed research collaborations with or the desired Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow,
    • Explanation to be achieved improve the teaching and
    • Explanation of the administrative payable by the host organization and organizational support as well
  3. an explanation of the importance for the medium- and long-term cooperation between BIH and the home institution of the Fellows.

The or the Fellow to complete at least three times a year for several weeks or once a year a more than five month stay in Berlin.

Selection procedure
The application must be submitted not later than closing date at the Charité Foundation.

The Einstein Foundation Berlin then performs a multi-stage selection process.

The funding decision is made of the employed in the Charité Foundation Scientific Advisory Board of Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt. A statement from the BIH Board is previously obtained.

Deadlines / dates: March 18, 2022

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  • Address Germany
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