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Nitrogen rich heterocycles (Heterocycles, Spirocycles) are important structural motifs found in drugs used to combat a broad range of disease and patho-physiological conditions; hence they have a profound impact on human health on a global scale.

Rigid, three dimensional molecular scaffolds, which provides unique entry to under-explored regions of three-dimensional chemical space, has recently formed an indispensable tool in the search for new lead compounds, with spirocyclic compounds occupying a prominent position in this area.

Many drug discovery programmes and marketed therapeutics are directed towards a relatively small number (approximately 500) of biological targets; however, with the advancements in genomic research, thousands of new targets are expected to be identified.

Current state-of-the-art technologies for drug discovery, ranging from lead identification through to combinatorial and target-templated in situ chemistries, rely upon modular and reliable chemical transformations. However, the number of such transformations are limited and in some cases, restricted to the formation of a single heterocycle core. Hence, the development of new, efficient and versatile methodologies for the construction of diverse N-heterocyclic cores are urgently required.

The Phd studentship would involve the development of new technologies for heterocyclic ring construction employing new and/or under-explored reagents. Particular focus will towards synthesis of novel asymmetric spirocyclic cores and its application in the field material science and catalysis.

The projects would provide an excellent training in asymmetric synthesis, organic synthesis and heterocycles. Details Tuition fees included (capped at UK/EU fee level)

Stipend/Living Allowance: £14,926 pa Start Date: 1st November 2016

Duration: 36 months

Eligibility criteria: The candidates are expected to have a sound background in organic chemistry. Previous experience working in synthetic chemistry laboratory would be beneficiary.

How to apply:

If you are interested please email your CV and a one page covering letter to express your interest to Dr Pallavi Sharma .

The Application closing date is Thursday 31st August 2016. For any further information please visit

Type of positions PhD
Subject Organic chemistry,

Heterocycles, Spirocycles

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