PhD , Postdoc and technician positions in the field of computational biology / Genomics of Gene Expression at the Conesa Lab Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe, Valencia.

The Genomics of Gene Expression Lab, lead by Ana Conesa, is interested in the development of computational approaches to study the functional aspects of gene expression and omics data.

Work at the Laboratory:

  1. Data integration from different types of NGS-based technologies
  2. To create algorithms and software for the scientific community (Blast2GO, Paintomics, maSigPro, NOISeq, etc).

Requirements: Seeking for a talented and motivated researchers to join the team within a recently funded project of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The project aims to investigate

  1. Novel regulatory and functional aspects of alternative transcript isoforms using computational methods & third generation genomics data, such as
    1. long-read sequencing technologies,
    2. multiomics datasets and
    3. single-cell genomics experiments.

In addition, there is a vacancy for a informatics technician to support the computational and software infrastructure of the lab.


  1. PhD candidates should have a Master in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or similar, while
  2. Post-docs should hold a PhD in Bioinformatics or Biostatistics.
    1. Experience with the modeling of protein-protein interactions and/or signaling & metabolic pathways will be highly valued.
  3. Candidates should have a good knowledge of Genetics and Molecular Biology,
  4. Be skillful in programming (R, Python or Java) and
  5. Fluent in English.

Technician position: A degree in computer science and experience with high performance computing applications is required.


  • 4 year PhD,
  • 2 year Postdoc and
  • 1+ year Technician

Tentative start date: between October 2016 and January 2017.

How to apply: Send your CV together with a motivation letter and 2 recommendation letters, or any question you may have to Ana Conesa

Deadline: 1st of August 2016

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