RMIT University: 33 Doctoral scholarships

Position 1: PhD Scholarship in 2D materials for low energy electronics

We seek a PhD student for an ARC funded project on the chemistry of room temperature liquid metals. The PhD student will use liquid metal-based chemistry for synthesizing 2D materials with applications in electronics.

Position 2: PhD Scholarship in Advanced Composite Materials

Working with CSIRO, FORD and CME, the ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures project will develop new rapid ‘cure on demand’ composite fabrication processes required for high speed automotive manufacture.

Position 3: PhD Scholarship in Advanced Nanomaterials

We are seeking highly motivated PhD students to work on an ARC funded project. It is applicable to those wishing to work on the cutting-edge research of scalable and controllable nanomaterial assembly and deposition.

Position 4: PhD Scholarship in Airways Inflammation Research (AIR)

This PhD project will focus on developing new drugs to treat incurable lung cancer, which is a leading cause of cancer deaths. You will specifically investigate how lung cancers hijack the body’s immune system in order to support tumour growth and spread. The project will also develop innovative ways of targeting inflammation in lung cancer.

Position 5: PhD Scholarship in Atom-photon hybrid quantum processors

Following our recent success in demonstrating high-fidelity, chip-scale optical quantum information processing, this project will extend the current capability by adding on-chip single photon emission and detection.

Position 6: PhD Scholarship in Characterising Forest Ladder Fuels using 3D Point Clouds

One PhD scholarship is available to conduct research into the robust characterisation of forest ladder fuels using 3D point clouds.

Position 7: PhD Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

We seek a PhD student to work on CSIRO-funded research scholarship project titled ‘Techno-economic evaluation tools development for hydrogen energy systems’

Position 8: PhD Scholarship in Chemical and Rheological Assessment of Rejuvenated Asphalt Material

We seek a PhD Student to work on sustainable and recycled materials for road pavement applications.

Position 9: PhD Scholarship in Computational Biophysics

An opportunity is available for a PhD candidate to undertake a project in computer simulations of membrane ion channels in collaboration with a US team funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Position 10: PhD Scholarship in Computational Design (Architecture)

A PhD scholarship is available for a candidate to undertake research in generative design and the fabrication of complex geometries, with a focus on computational design, as part of the RMIT Boeing Research Alliance.

Position 11: PhD Scholarship in Computational Soft Condensed Matter Physics

An opportunity is available for a PhD candidate to undertake a project in computational modelling of crystallisation inhibitors in aqueous solutions using phase field and molecular dynamics methods.

Position 12: PhD Scholarship in Heat transfer focusing on ice-phobic surfaces

A candidate interested in energy, fluid flow, heat transfer & materials is required to investigate and develop new engineered surfaces that prevent ice adhesion on heat exchanger surfaces during ice-slurry production.

Position 13: PhD Scholarship in Housing Energy Efficiency Transitions (HEET)

HEET is an ARC Linkage funded project. Set across eight global urban sites, the project will provide a socio-material analysis of retrofit that includes householders as well as the businesses that supply retrofit services.

Position 14: PhD Scholarship in IMCRC Design Robotics

A PhD scholarship is available for a candidate to undertake research in the design and fabrication of mass-customised metal facades, with a focus on robotic fabrication and direct deposition metal processes, as part of the IMCRC Design Robotics project.

Position 15: PhD Scholarship in Information Retrieval

We are looking for a talented PhD candidate to undertake world-leading research in information retrieval.

Position 16: PhD Scholarship in Intelligent Systems and Engineering

Project 1 – Developing efficient recommender systems for financial applications. Project 2 – Developing smart financial robo-advisor systems.

Position 17: PhD Scholarship in Investigating the feasibility of pyrolysis/co-pyrolysis of the Victorian biosolids

The project explores the feasibility of pyrolysis or co-pyrolysis of different Victorian Biosolids as well as alum sludge. Biosolids are stabilised sewage sludge obtained from wastewater treatment plants.

Position 18: PhD Scholarship in Liquid Metal Catalysts for Green Fuels and CO2 Mitigation

We seek a PhD student for an ARC funded DECRA project on the chemistry of room temperature liquid metals. The PhD student will develop new catalytic materials for applications in green fuel synthesis and CO2 mitigation.

Position 19: PhD Scholarship in Lung Repair, Regeneration and Fibrosis

This PhD project is aimed at exploring how resident stem cells repair the lung after injury and why these processes go awry in chronic lung disease like pulmonary fibrosis.

Position 20: PhD Scholarship in Multi-Situation Recognition and Recommendations

The PhD candidate, based in RMIT University, will work with the research team from RMIT, in collaboration with University of Cambridge and University of Waterloo, on the ARC Discovery Multi-resolution Situation Recognition for Urban-Aware Smart Assistant.

 Position 21: PhD Scholarship in Nanomaterials for energy devices

We are looking for a talented PhD candidate to undertake world-leading research in chemistry/nanotechnology on a project funded by the Australian Research Council.

Position 22: PhD Scholarship in Non-Destructive Evaluation of Laser Beam Welded and Brazed Joints

Collaborating with academic and industry researchers, this project aims to examine the design and manufacture of lightweight multi-materials structures for low footprint smart products for automotive applications.

Position 23: PhD Scholarship in Remediation of PFAS in current and legacy biosolids application sites

This project will focus on the remediation of PFAS. Biosolids generated during waste water treatment carry an unknown potential risk of soil and groundwater PFAS contamination, through their application in agriculture and rehabilitation sites.

Position 24: PhD Scholarship in Robotic Fabrication and Complex Geometry (Architecture)

A PhD scholarship is available for a candidate to undertake research in generative design and complex geometries, with a focus on robotic fabrication and 3D printing, as part of the RMIT Boeing Research Alliance.

Position 25: PhD Scholarship in Self-powered Active Noise Control via a Nanofibre Acoustoelectric Converter

This project aims to investigation of a new active noise control system that can eliminate low frequency noise. It will realise self-powering on active noise controllers using piezoelectric nano-fibres as sound detector and power generator.

Position 26: PhD Scholarship in Soil stabilization for unsealed mine-haul roads

We seek a PhD Student to work pavement stabilization and performance of mining haul roads.

Position 27: PhD Scholarship in Urban Futures Social Inequities

A PhD scholarship, investigating whether those who reside in more liveable neighbourhoods, but are of lower socioeconomic position, experience a ‘pulling up’ effect on their mental health and wellbeing over time.

Position 28: PhD scholarship in ecological statistics on joint species distribution modelling

This PhD project is aimed at developing a unified point process-joint species distribution model (PP-JSDM) to simultaneously quantify the different levels of ecological filters.

Position 29: Professor Robert & Josephine Shanks Scholarship

If you are undertaking a PhD program by research in the area of science, engineering or technology, and have been awarded an RTP Stipend Scholarship (RSS) from RMIT, this scholarship can provide you with further financial assistance.

Position 30: Research Stipend Scholarships

RMIT has two stipend scholarships available. These are the RTP Stipend Scholarship (RSS) and the RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (RRSS).

Position 31: Tony Naughton Memorial PhD Scholarship in Economics, Finance and Marketing

In recognition of Professor Tony Naughton, Head of School Economics Finance and Marketing from 2003 to 2013, the School has established a PhD scholarship program for an outstanding candidate in one of the disciplines offered by the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing.

Position 32: Vice-Chancellor’s PhD Scholarship (VCPS)

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and research potential to local and international candidates undertaking a research doctoral degree.

Position 33: iMove

CRC Industry PhD Program – The iMove industry PhD program is an exciting opportunity for companies and government.

—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization RMIT University
Country Australia
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Subject areas

Architecture, Art, Biomedical sciences, Building, Business, Communication, Community services, Design, Education, Engineering, Fashion, Game design, Health science, Information technology, Law, Science

Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Master’s degree in relevant subject
Deadline Varies

Company Information
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