The aim of the PhD programme is to attract young research talent to gradually counterbalance the increasing age of academic staff within the humanities. The structure enhancing plan for education and organisation formulated by the universities/faculties forms the framework for this.Two types of PhD position can be applied for, namely standard PhD positions and positions for lecturers who wish to do PhD research. Universities can also decide to allow students who have not completed a two-year research master, but are of a comparable level, to enter the programme.1 National funding rounds will be organised each year.

The Humanities Temporary Task Force and the NWO Humanities Divisional Board evaluate the funding instrument each year and can – if necessary and insofar as it is possible within the funding framework – then decide to adjust procedures, quotas and/or criteria.

Who can apply

Applications can only be submitted for PhD students who have been selected by the deans of the faculties involved in Sustainable Humanities, namely:

− Utrecht University

− University of Amsterdam

− University of Groningen

− Erasmus University Rotterdam

− VU University Amsterdam

− Leiden University

− Radboud University Nijmegen

− Maastricht University

− Tilburg University

− Open University.

The person who actually submits the PhD project is the supervisor (beoogd promotor).

The second supervisor can act as co-applicant. The number of proposals that can be submitted per faculty is subject to a quota. Each faculty is responsible for organising a pre-selection round to determine which proposals are submitted to NWO.

Preparing an application − Download the application template from the electronic application system ISAAC ( or from NWO’s website (on the grant page for this programme). − Complete the application form. − Fill out the general information in your ISAAC account. − Save the application form as a pdf file and upload it in ISAAC.

Submitting an application Applications can only be submitted to NWO by the intended promoter. An application can only be submitted to NWO via the new online application system ISAAC,

Applications not submitted via ISAAC will not be considered. A principal applicant must submit his/her application via his/her own ISAAC account. If the principal applicant already has an NWOaccount (former Iris account), then he/she does not need to create a new account to submit an application. If the principal applicant does not have an ISAAC account yet, then this should be created at least one day before the application is submitted to ensure that any registration problems can be resolved on time. When you submit your application to ISAAC you need to enter several additional details online. Make sure you allow enough time for this.

This call for proposals is valid until the closing date 3-3-2016