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Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University: PhD student position is available in the research group of molecular plantmicrobe interactions (PI: Dr. Sang-Wook Park,). Dr. Park and his group investigate the roles and mechanisms of hormone signaling transductions, at the molecular, biochemical and cellular levels, that convey plant defense and adaptation processes towards various environmental stresses.

Details: Successful candidates will investigate

i) the modes of action of redox regulatory pathways in salicylate- and jasmonate-dependent retrograde signaling, and/or

ii) rhizobacteria (PGPR)-responsive genetic reprograming of Arabidopsis, priming disease resistance and drought tolerance.

Requirements: Excellent analytical and interpersonal communication skills, independent scientific thinking and planning are expected. Candidate should be fluent in English. Please submit curriculum vitae with GRE scores, names of contact information of three references and a brief description of research interests/experiences and career goals to Dr. Sang-Wook Park: Email: