Dimploma Thesis in Single Molecule Genetics; PhD position in genetics. We are looking for a highly motivated student to carry out his master’s thesis in our group on drivers of recombination. PRDM9 is a key protein Determining the sites of meiotic recombination in the genomes That Binds DNA via its Zn fingers and targets the opening of the chromatin in its vicinity.

Interestingly, the domain Contacting the DNA is one of the fastest evolving in the genome and this might lead to sterility and chromosomal aberrations. The aim of the diploma thesis is to characterize the binding of a mutant form of PRDM9 found in a population of mice thathave to Increased Number of Robert Sonian translocations.

Special fieldGenetics, Genomics, Biochemistry

Workplace: University of Linz

Application deadline: 30/09/2015

Work description:

The aim of the work is to carry out in vitro binding studies using standard molecular biological techniques: such as PCR, cloning, protein expression, and combining state of the art biophysical methods to assess binding interactions.


Background in molecular biology, biochemistry, or genetics is optimal but not required; some laboratory experience; team player, highly motivated. The working language in the lab is German and English.

Workplace: Gruberstrasse Linz, Austria

Applications Should Include in a single pdf file

(1) your curriculum vitae with a description of technical skills, and a list of attended courses relevant to the work.

Contact Person (s)

Main contact

Name:Irene Tiemann-Boege