PhD position in material sciences and solid-state NMR spectroscopy France

A three-years PhD position in material sciences and solid-state NMR spectroscopy is available in the NMR group, University of Lille, France. It will start preferably in October 2015.The Ph.D. project aims at understanding the atomic-scale structural organization of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). MOFs are promising materials for numerous applications, including gas storage and separation, catalysis or drug delivery since they combine high surface areas and tunable pore dimensions. Solid-state NMR, thanks to its local character will help to detect structure degradation of MOFs under various conditions. The development of advanced NMR methods will be an important part of the project.

The Ph.D. will consist in:

–       – Synthesizing MOFs, and characterizing them by XRD, SEM and gas sorption analysis

–       – Developing new methods suitable for the characterization of MOFs by solid-state NMR

–       – Performing advanced NMR experiments for MOFs

Facilities for solid-state NMR spectroscopy: five superconducting magnets, ranging from 900 MHz (proton Larmor frequency) to 100 MHz. Over 20 probes enable solid-state NMR to be performed with different rotor diameters, from 1.3 mm to 7 mm. Lille is a pleasant city situated in the heart of Europe (30 min from Brussels, 1 h from Paris, 1 h 30 from London by train).

We seek application from national and international students who have graduated in physics or chemistry, preferably with a background in NMR. Experience in MOF chemistry or coordination chemistry will be appreciated as well. The successful applicant will be given the opportunity to work in an exciting environment with national and international collaborations.

Applications and informal queries about the lab and research projects should be directed by email to Frédérique Pourpoint (

Applications should include a cover letter, a CV and contact information for two references.

Closing Date: Until filled