PhD position in Renewable Feedstocks and Biotechnology UK 

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies is amultidisciplinary research centre, including the Departments of Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy & Pharmacology and Physics, and the School of Management. We develop new molecules, materials and processes for sustainability in the broadest possible sense.

Interested in conducting cutting-edge research in the area of sustainable chemical technologies? We’re looking for excellent chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, physicists and other scientists with an interest in sustainability to join us.

As part of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellowship Programme for Doctoral degrees, we are inviting applications for Fellows with Industrial Research Enhancement (FIRE), which are fully-funded, 4-year PhD Fellowships starting in September 2015.

Sustainable clean energy and water management are among the most urgent global challenges, and pose fundamental scientific and engineering questions. We will address key research challenges that span the chemistry/chemical engineering interface, including: sustainable solar cells; energy storage and batteries; sustainable water supply; and water cycle and human health.

Research topics will be chosen from the broad range of themes that the Centre covers and will be supported by industrial or international partners.

Main Theme:

Renewable Feedstocks and Biotechnology: biofuels, biopolymers, biorefineries, platform chemicals

Applicants may be from anywhere in the world, but must not have resided, or carried out their main activity (work or studies), in the UK for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior.

More information and how to apply (Closing date: 15 May 2015)