PhD positions in ultrafast nano-opto-magnetism quantum optics, nanomagnetism

For these challenging projects, we are looking for enthusiastic physicists (M.Sc. or equivalent level) with affinity for experimental physics and an interest in optics. Experience with (one of) the following experimental techniques is a plus: quantum optics, nanomagnetism, ultrafast lasers, X-ray techniques. Good knowledge of English, both written and oral, is compulsory.

This research program aims at the investigation of nonthermal effects of light on nanomagnets in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of physical mechanisms leading to a highly efficient ultrafast (10-12 seconds and faster) optical control of magnetism at the nanoscale. Such scientific breakthroughs are expected to develop novel technology for unprecedented fast (THz) opto-magnetic recording.

Conditions of employment

When filling a PhD position at the Radboud University Nijmegen, you will get a contract for 4 years. During the first year the gross salary is approximately 2000 euro per month, increasing to 2400 euro during the fourth year.

People interested in these positions should send their letter of application and CV to
Dr. A.V. Kimel (,
Dr. A. Kirilyuk ( or
Prof.dr. Th. Rasing (

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