Postdoc in atmospheric sciences (reanalysis, climate variability and statistical methods) France

This position is related to the EUPORIAS project which is 4-years project (11/2012-11/2016) funded by the FP7 of the European Union. The context of this project is the one of the call “6.1-1 Seasonal-to-decadal climate (S2D) predictions towards climate services”. EUPORIAS’s main objectives are :1) To develop and provide a reliable impact prediction system targeting a small number of applications (carefully selected).

2) To document and assess the lack of knowledge and the vulnerabilities of key economic sectors (energy, water, health, infrastructure, food security, forestry and tourism) and the associated sectorial user needs as well.

3) To develop a set of relevant tools in the user need perspective in order to allow specific calibration, adaptation for the different domains and targeted time scales (S2D).

4) To develop transformation technics for climate variables in order to provide new relevant variable with respect of users’ needs and decision making processes.

5) To develop a protocol for the shared knowledge necessary to the best use of these new products. This include the provision and translation of the inherent uncertainty of these S2D predictions.

6) To assess and document the value of such climate services in Europe. Work description : The work consist in preparing the Meteo-France contribution to the different deliverables in close collaboration with another contractual researcher recruited for the project, permanent staff of the Climatology Department, partners of the project and the stakeholder group.

The objective is to develop a prototype of climate service for water resource management and energy. A special attention will be paid to the feasibility of implementing a new operational Hydropower Climate Service Prototype and the identification of logistical and cost implications of running such a new operational forecast. First, the prototype had been run in hind-cast mode to see how the system would have worked during a past period. Usefulness and limitations had been assessed. This evaluation/validation work is encouraging and needs to be finalized. The work will continue in the next months with the preparation of the technical environment for running the prototype in forecast mode and provide forecasts for several months ahead. Last a stakeholder-specific communication strategy will be developed and implemented with respect of the climate service implementation In more details, the application will consist in : – Contribution to the adaptation of the prototype with the operational seasonal model Arpege Climat of Météo-France : selection of the hind-cast data, adaptation of the prototype to run with another hind-cast collection, calibration with discharge observations, update of global and local scores – Preparation of the suite to real time run and monitoring in the development environment of Météo-France – Specifications of real time climate services on water resources at seasonal scale in relation with different stake-holders (EPTB Gd Lac de Seine, SMEAG, Ecology Ministry) –

Implementation of the climate service on a dedicated web platform and documentation – Education of stake holders for the good use of this climate service in relation with others operational products at seasonal scales Required qualification : A PhD or Engineer diploma in atmospheric sciences or related fields is required.

Experiences in the fields of reanalysis, climate variability and statistical methods is strongly recommended. The applicant should be familiar with programming languages (Fortran, Unix), statistic (R Package); an experience on web technologies (Dropal language or equivalent) will be appreciated. Required languages: Both English (spoken, written) and French (spoken, written). The net salary will depend on the experience and should likely be between 2500 and 3000 euros/month. (indicative amounts for holders of a PhD).

For full consideration, an application letter including : – a detailed statement of research interest, – a CV (including research experience, publications and conferences, computing skill and different language practise) – and the names, telephone and email address of 1, 2 or 3 referees should be sent by email to : For any clarification, details, or question feel free to send a mail to

Place : Direction de la Climatologie, 42 avenue G. Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse Cédex 1, France Starting dates/duration : September 2015 (or asap after this date) / 15 months,

Deadline for candidature : 05/06/2015.