Postdoc in computer simulations to model chemical processes at heterogeneous catalysis, and nanochemistry surfaces and interfaces

A postdoctoral research associate position is open in the research group of Prof. Sharani Roy in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The researcher will use a combination of chemical theory and computer simulations to model chemical processes at surfaces and interfaces.   The Roy group focus on mechanisms of energy transfer, electron transfer, electron transport, and reactions in surface and interface phenomena, such as gas-surface scattering, molecular electronics, heterogeneous catalysis, and nanochemistry. The group is particularly interested in understanding the dynamics and kinetics of such processes.

The ideal postdoctoral candidate will work on assigned research projects as well as creatively design new projects in these areas. The assigned projects will involve the use of existing electronic structure and dynamical methods as well as modification and development of methods, as and when necessary. He or she must also be willing to mentor the graduate students in the laboratory.

Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. in chemistry or physics with research in the area of theoretical and computational physical chemistry or chemical physics

Must have knowledge and experience in quantum chemistry, and preferably in methods of molecular dynamics and/or the scientific concepts of surface chemistry

Must have strong verbal and writing skills and be willing to work collaboratively with group members as well as with experimentalists and other theorists

Job: The appointment starts from June 15, 2015, and will continue for one year. It will be extended beyond one year based on mutual agreement. In addition to the online application, please submit the following documents:

Cover letter

Curriculum vitae

One-to-two page research summary

Three letters of recommendation, if and when requested should be sent to Prof. Sharani Roy at

Review of applications will continue until the position is filled

University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN, US