Postdoc in physico-chemistry of polymers, microfluidics, Biophysics, Cellular Biology France

Engineering and imaging 3D multicellular assembly: functional assay and application to drug screening Biophysics Team, Institute of Light and Matter Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France In the framework of an interdisciplinary project financed by the INSERM grants “physics of cancer”, the Biophysics team and the ONLI team (Non Linear Optic and Interface) of the Institute of Light and Matter (ILM, UMR 5306, CNRS-UCBL, Lyon, France) are opening a postdoctoral research position in the engineering and imaging of model tumors for two year beginning from January 2016.This project aims to associate for the first time 3D multicellular assemblies with new, weakly phototoxic 3D imaging approaches and microsystems mimicking in-vivo environment in order to explore drug response on their growth and behaviour. Multicellular tumor spheroid of CRC cell lines with different resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs, as well as, biopsies from mice bearing human CRC tumors and fresh human CRC biopsies obtained from the surgery will be used.

We will implement agarose-based microfluidic devices enabling the perfusion of drugs around samples, and the collection of secreted molecules for biochemical analysis. We will develop Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) in order to perform long term (days) live imaging of 3D cellular assemblies. Response to chemotherapeutic drugs will be assessed using biological (viability, apoptosis) and biophysical (invasion velocity, 3D cell tracking, collagen remodelling) parameters extracted from time-lapse microscopy. The candidate will be mainly involved in the biophysical characterization of tumor cell escape mechanisms from multicellular spheroids (image analysis, cell tracking). He (she) will also participate to the final development of Single Plane Illumination Microscope developed by the ONLI team (in particular a sample environment compatible with agarose-based microfluidic devices); and to the validation of the devices for biopsies, in close collaboration with the DNP team of the CRCL (Center Research for Cancer of Lyon, JJ Diaz and H. Mertani).

Qualified candidates should have a PhD in Biophysics, Cellular Biology or Soft Matter Physics with an experience in cell biophysics and/or cell biology, development, and/or optics for biology. Ability to work in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment is essential.

Experience in physico-chemistry of polymers, microfluidics, image analysis or 3D microscopy will be appreciated. Send your CV with cover letter, and the names of referees familiar with your work to: Charlotte Rivière ( & Jean-Paul RIEU (