Postdoctoral Researcher on Thermophotonics: Thermophotonic heat transfer/compound semiconductor device design and fabrication. The departments is seeking a highly motivated postdoc research candidate to work on an ERC-funded research project that focus on “demonstrating thermophotonic energy transfer and electroluminescent cooling in III-V compound semiconductor cavities”.

Project: Work will mainly focus on developing, analysing and designing coupled III-V light emitter and solar cell devices in a research team formed of members from both computational and experimental groups. Selected  candidate will have a decisively important role in co-designing the experiments aiming to demonstrate and enable the next break-throughs in solid state cooling and you will have the possibility to co-supervise and lead the work of 1-3 doctoral candidates.

Location: The research takes place at Aalto University and Micronova, located at Espoo, Finland, offering a great environment both for research and recreation. Micronova is the largest clean room facility in the nordic countries and Finland/Helsinki offers a clean, safe and naturally beautiful environment having several world’s best country/city nominations over the past few years, as well as four distinct seasons. We also have vidid national collaboration with other Aalto groups and Optoelectronics research centre (ORC) at Tampere University of Technology as well as several international groups.

Salary: The position is up to 1+4 years and the salary level is based on the university policies, typically setting the salary of early stage post-doctoral researchers to ~3.6 k€/month. Proposed start date for the contract is between 1.10.2015-1.2.2016.

KEY REQUIREMENTS: Our wish list for the selected candidate includes:

Experience on fabricating and processing compound semiconductor light emitting/solar cells devices (emphasis on GaAs and other III-V materials), 
•Experience on thin film processing ,
•Team working skills and sociable character ,
•Willingness/ability to develop leadership skills,
•Motivation to become a leading expert on high efficiency thermophotonic devices,
•Aptitude for creative, open minded and independent thinking,
•Previous collaboration/involvement with theoretical analysis and device design,

Further Information: Most up-to date announcement can be found at group Webpage information from Jani Oksanen, +358 50 512 4374, or HR Coordinator Mari Kaarni, +358 50 316 0961,

How to Apply: If you are interested in the position, please apply via the Saima recruitment system by 30th September 2015. Please include your

  • CV,
  • motivation letter,
  • resumé of your studies/experience and
  • recommendations/referees.

Senior researchers who are interested in these or related collaboration topics might also consider participating in the FiDiPro (Finland Distinguished Professor/Research Fellow program, funding 2-5 year research visits to Finland. The program is operated by the Academy of Finland and Tekes and we have very positive previous experiences on it.

Further information
Aalto University:
Micronova clean room facilities:

Several world’s best country/city nominations over the past few years

Deadline: 30th September 2015