The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is searching for Group Leader(s) to be appointed in Structural Biology at EMBL Grenoble, France. The appointed Group Leader(s) will be ambitious structural biologists with an original multidisciplinary research programme oriented towards structure-function relationships of macromolecular complexes in eukaryotic systems. Current fields of interest at EMBL Grenoble include transcription, epigenetics, non-coding RNAs, RNA virus replication and host-pathogen interactions, but new areas, for instance, integrating structural and cell biology could be envisaged. The Group Leader(s) will benefit from the world-class environment of the EMBL Grenoble Outstation within the Partnership for Structural Biology ( which gives access to integrated state-of-the-art structural biology technologies, including the ESRF synchrotron X-ray beamlines for MX and SAXS, neutron scattering at the ILL, cryo-EM (Polara with K2 direct detector) and high-field NMR as well as protein expression screening, insect cell facilities, biophysical platform, confocal microscopy and high-throughput crystallisation  platforms for soluble and membrane proteins.

EMBL offers a highly collaborative, uniquely international culture. It fosters top quality, interdisciplinary research by promoting a vibrant environment consisting of young, independent researchers with access to outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Requirements: Applicants should have a PhD, at least 3 years post-doctoral experience and a strong record of achievement in structural, molecular or cell biology. One or two appointments will be made.

Further information about the positions can be obtained from the Head of Grenoble Outstation, Stephen Cusack ( Also see

Please apply online through and include:

  • a cover letter,
  • CV and
  • a concise description of research interests and future research plans.

Please also arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be emailed to at the latest by 18 October 2015. Further information on Group Leader appointments can be found under

Deadline 18 October 2015