Postdoctoral Fellow Positions University of Pennsylvania USA 2015

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions: Interdisciplinary Projects between University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania and Argonne National Laboratory.Applications are invited for two NIH and NSF funded postdoctoral research positions to participate in two interdisciplinary projects in Prof. Mark Alber’s group at the University of Notre Dame. This work will be carried out in close collaboration with computational modelers and experimentalists from the University of Pennsylvania and Argonne National Laboratory. The group’s work spans fields ranging from biophysics and computational biology to high-performance computing and image processing.

We are seeking highly motivated, driven and curious applicants with a strong background in computational methods and modeling, strong communication skills, and an ability to work independently and collaborate effectively. Experience with computational implementation of numerical algorithms for solving partial differential equations or Monte Carlo models, programming with C or C++, and parallelizing simulation code using MPI or GPUs is desirable.

The goal of the first project is to develop multi-scale computational models to study blood clot formation and mechanical properties of fibrin networks that will be calibrated using specific experiments. The second project will combine computer simulations with new biophysical methods, live imaging, and advanced organ culture techniques to investigate intercellular signaling in intact epithelial organs within a controlled microenvironment. Success in this project will lead to a better understanding of how exogenous factors impact the endogenous regulation of organ growth and differentiation.

We are offering a highly interactive and exciting interdisciplinary research environment with strong mentoring and career development support. Positions will involve regular visits to the University of Pennsylvania and Argonne National Laboratory. We will also provide support for participation in conferences. The University of Notre Dame is located 1.5 hours from downtown Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.

Recent selected publications:

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Positions are for 1 year with possible extension for up to two more years. To apply, please send CV and cover letter explaining your interest in the position to Mark Alber at Also, arrange for at least three letters of recommendation to be sent to the same email address. The evaluation of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.

Contact: Mark Alber