Postdoctoral Researcher in Food Security and Land Use (open for Brazilian and foreign scholars) Brazil 2015

The thematic project “Food Security and Land Use: The Telecoupling Challenge”, with funding from FAPESP, is seeking applicants for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. The project is led by researchers Luiz Antonio Martinelli (Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture – University of São Paulo), Mateus Batistella (Embrapa), and Leila da Costa Ferreira (Center for Environmental Studies, NEPAM – State University of Campinas). This research aims to understand the impact of long distance commodity trading on food security and land use.

The postdoc should demonstrate experience in compiling and collecting socioeconomic and environmental data on local, regional, national and international levels to quantify factors affecting feedbacks between food security and land use. The applicant should demonstrate ability to analyze and synthesize multiscale data with the purpose of understanding the relationships between the various factors in order to facilitate the development of agent-based models.

The postdoc will work with the Brazilian group of researchers and with the fellows from other nations involved in the research, including US, UK and China. It is expected that the postdoc will have the availability to travel domestically and internationally for data collection and participation in scientific meetings, to work with other team members to facilitate field research, the development and implementation of interviews with stakeholders, develop professional relationship with members of the University of Campinas (Unicamp), University of São Paulo (USP-CENA) and Embrapa, and visit the research groups involved in this international project in Michigan (USA), Oxford (UK) and Beijing (China), a few months each year, to plan activities and collaborate to publish the results of research.

Among other requirements, the candidate must have experience with research on land use science, remote sensing, geotechnologies, field work in the interdisciplinary area of environment and society, demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese and English, have experience with research in geospatial database (collection, analysis and processing of data), statistics, and have knowledge about the international market of commodities and the participation of the Brazilian agricultural sector in a globalized context.

The selection process will take place in two stages. At first, the candidate will have their profile evaluated by means of the documents requested in this call and, then the top candidates will be invited to an interview.

To apply, the candidate needs to send an application letter explaining qualifications and interest in the Project, copy of an up to date curriculum (Súmula curricular), a certified copy of the PhD diploma, and two letters of recommendation addressed to:

Deadline for applications is October 12, 2015.

The postdoc fellowship is open to Brazilian and foreign scholars. The person selected will receive a postdoctoral fellowship award (value of R$6,143.40 per month) and a technical reserve valued at 15% of the value of the stipend, which can be used for other expenses associated with the project. If the person selected does not reside in Campinas, there are funds available for relocation. More information is available at