The Raman–Charpak Fellowship program: Indo-French bilateral Fellowship programme:

It is in honour of two Nobel Laureates in Physics, Prof C.V. Raman, Indian Nobel Laureate, 1930 and Prof Georges Charpak, French Nobel Laureate, 1992. The Fellowship was launched during the State visit of the President of France, Mr. Francois Hollande, to India on February 14-15th 2013. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of doctoral students between the two countries, in order to broaden the scope and depth of future engagements in science, technology and innovation. The Raman-Charpak Fellowship is the only Indo-French bilateral Fellowship programme jointly funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and the Science & Technology Department of the French Embassy in India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of France. The Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) implements this fellowship programme with a goal to improve the doctoral skills of students by providing them an opportunity to carry out part of their research work in a University / Research Institute based in France or India. The scheme provides an exposure and experience about the current research methods and trends in France/India, while discovering another cultural context. Approximately 20 fellowships from India and France may be supported under this scheme, to attract the best of talent from India and France. Please note: Applicants must have a pre-determined project proposal that has been discussed and agreed upon by the student and the two supervisors (Indian and French) before applying.

Target group: This fellowship program is dedicated to highly qualified PhD students registered in an Indian or French Research Institute / University, to offer them an excellent opportunity to carry out a part of their research project in France / India, establish professional relationships and experience another cultural context

Duration: Students can avail the fellowship from minimum of 2 months to maximum of 6 months.


FELLOWSHIP SUPPORT: For Indian Fellow: Fellowship Support of 1300 Euros per month for daily expenses, local travel, accommodation charges plus Social Security charges, paid through Campus France (If duration of stay is more than 3 months).  For French Fellow: Fellowship support Rs. 40,000 per month for daily expenses, local travel, etc. plus accommodation charges not exceeding Rs. 45,000 per month  One return airfare ticket in economy class between India and France.  Insurance coverage (travel & health) wherever is required.  Any administrative costs for Visa and Registration (e.g. « Centre pour les Etudes en France » (CEF) registration in France).  A Fellow may be provided with an additional support (up to Euro 500 for Indian Fellows and equivalent support in Indian Rupees for French Fellows) for participating in a Seminar/Workshop during their stay in their host countries. (See important instructions below) Please note that no support will be provided for the family members during the Fellowship period.


Applicants from India must be Indian citizens residing in India and have registered for a PhD in a recognized university or research institution in India.

  • Applicants from France must be residing in France and have registered for a PhD in a recognized university or research institution in France.
  • Have a Master’s degree (in science, technology or medicine) from a recognized University/Institute.
  • Age: Maximum 30 years as on 1st April 2015.
  • Students once supported by CEFIPRA and students who have a permanent position in institutions/universities are not eligible.
  • Pre-authorization or prior consent from his/her Institute / University to apply for a foreign fellowship program.

Only online submission will be considered , candidates have to apply at or log on to: Applications received through post will not be accepted.

 Filling up of all the fields in the application form is mandatory. The proposal must include the following information (in English):

 Detailed description of the research project (up to 5 pages) stating the title of Research work with an explanation of how the planned work will benefit the candidate during his/her stay in proposed Research Institute / University in France /India. Candidates must also enclose the following documents:

 A CV (up to 3 pages) with recent photograph including summary of achievements and research interests, list relevant publications, etc.

 A letter of recommendation from the Ph.D. supervisor in his/her native lab.

 A letter of recommendation and agreement from the proposed supervisor in the fellowship lab (Foreign Research Institute / University).

 PhD synopsis or short summary of PhD work (up to 3 pages only).

 Research experience letter or publications as proof (first author or co-author).

 No objection certificate from Head of the Institution.

 Scanned copy of highest degree certificate.

 Scanned copy of PhD registration letter.

 A scan copy of passport (both front and back).

 A recent photograph. Please note: o The proposal document must respect the lengths indicated above. It is strongly encouraged to apply early for timely processing rather than towards the end of the deadline.

Please ensure that you completely fill the form and then submit. Incomplete applications will not be considered. o The host institution/university of Indian applicants must be in France and vice versa for the French applicants. o If the application is successfully submitted, candidate should not apply again.

Launch: 1 st April 2015

Submission deadline: 31st May 2015

(Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for selection)  Result: End of July 2015

Starting date of Fellowship: September 2015 onwards.

Guidelines & Important Instructions:

  • Awarded fellows must submit a valid travel itinerary according to their proposed duration of fellowship stated in his/her application form.
  • A travel itinerary will be valid only after the declaration of results and an awarded fellow must start his/her fellowship by 31st March 2016.
  • A request made by a fellow for reducing or increasing the duration of the fellowship may be accepted on following two conditions: o An increase/decrease of maximum 30 days from the proposed duration. o The fellow has to provide a justification for such request along with the recommendation letters from their PhD & host supervisors. Hence, it is advised that candidates must carefully submit their proposed duration in their application form with consultation from their PhD and host supervisors. Please note, that no candidate will be considered for selection if the proposed duration is less than 2 months.
  • A fellow may be supported to participate in a Seminar/Conference/Workshop during their stay in their host countries. For this purpose, the fellow should provide a proof of acceptance regarding selection of their paper/poster. CEFIPRA will consider providing support for their registration, travel and stay during that period.


For any queries regarding the Raman-Charpak Fellowship 2015, please contact us at E-mail ID:

For any further information please contact:

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