POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS – Prof. Wolfgang Peti, Brown University

A number of postdoctoral positions are available the laboratory of Wolfgang Peti. Areas of research use a variety of biophysical techniques (NMR – structure and dynamics; X-ray – structure etc.) and focus on

1) understanding how phosphatases and kinases are activated, regulated and are converted to become specific enzymes;

2) novel routes for drug design and

3) the development of NMR-based animal models for diseases.

Qualifications: PhD or equivalent in chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics is essential. Experience in molecular biology, cell biology and/or solution NMR spectroscopy is welcome, but other outstanding candidates are always considered.

How to apply: Please submit c.v. and a short description of research interests to Professor Wolfgang Peti, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry, Brown University via e-mail to