The Prime Minister’s Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research is a public-private partnership (PPP) between Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), which is an autonomous body under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).This scheme is aimed at encouraging young, talented, enthusiastic and result-oriented scholars to take up industry-relevant research. Under this scheme, the full-time PhD scholars get double the money that they would otherwise get for doing research. Average government fellowship in India at any academic or research institute is approximately Rs 25,000 per month, including house rent allowance (HRA).

Under the Prime Minister’s Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research, the scholars get double the JRF/SRF as scholarship. While one-half of this scholarship comes from the government, the second half comes from a partner company which also works closely with the candidate on the research project. The first batch commenced in 2013. The scheme has been made open-ended since September 2014, allowing aspirants to apply anytime within 14 months from their PhD registration.

Fellowships have been conferred to 54 PM Fellows in the first 2 years with 29 institutes and 47 companies coming together to support the scheme. It is envisaged that this scheme would eventually attract large number of talented students into pursuing PhD and on changing industry’s mind-set in investing in R&D and recruiting more PhDs.

Apex Council

The Apex Council is the highest decision-making body of this scheme. It is chaired by former secretary of the Department of Biotechnology, Dr MK Bhan and has representation from both industry and academia. The Apex Council vets the proposals received under the scheme and gives its recommendations on the candidates to be supported under the scheme.

Fellowship – Framework

·         Up to 100 new Fellowships are provided every year.

·        50% of the scholarship comes from SERB [being equivalent to the prevailing Government norms for Junior Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow (inclusive of HRA)], which can be revised as per the JRF/SRF norms from time to time.

·         Rest 50% (matching equivalent of SERB component) comes from the partner company.

·         Duration of the Fellowship is four years.

·         If selected to receive the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research, the candidate ceases to receive any other scholarship / salary from any other organisation, which he / she may be receiving at the time of enrolling into the scheme.

 Applications can be only be submitted online.

Applications can be submitted only in online format. All required documents will also be accepted only in digital form. Hard copies sent to CII or DST will not be entertained.

Apply anytime: Application is open-ended.

A student can register anytime on the portal of PM Fellowship. However, to apply for the fellowship, the applicant must have registered for full-time PhD within 14 months from the date of submission of applications. The applicants must firm up their alliance with industry before applying.

New batches start in April every year.

New batches commence from 1st April each year. The students can however apply all the year round and the Apex Council will review application up to two times a year depending upon the number of applications received. The selected students will be informed and should complete their documentation in time to avail the fellowship.

The Scheme The scheme is for supporting aspiring PhD scholars with double scholarship (up to Rs. 6 lakh per annum), 50% of which will be provided by government and balance 50% by a sponsoring industry, for doing research for four years and the research fellow will receive PhD degree by doing this industrial research.


One doctoral fellow and one industry will apply jointly. The application has to be filled by the doctoral fellow Doctoral fellow should have enrolled / admitted for PhD in last 14 months from the date of submission of applications in any recognized Indian University / Institute / Research Laboratory Doctoral fellow should obtain „No Objection‟ from his/her Institution before applying Doctoral fellow should have identified (before applying) an industry partner/co-applicant who should be ready to support the research project financially and also lend technical and intellectual support Areas of research should be in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture or Medicine The topic of research should have practical relevance and industrial application The candidate and the proposed research topic should qualify on criteria of excellence and relevance and be of technical and scientific merit The selected doctoral fellow should be willing to work with / in industry as and when required by the industry partner during the project period The research duration should not be more than four years leading to award of PhD degree to the doctoral fellow

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