UGC Non-NET Fellowship Scheme with immediate effect:-

  1. The scheme for Non-NET fellowship is applicable for M.Phil, and Ph.D. students who are not in receipt of any financial assistance from any source (UGC letter D.O. No. F 19.33/2006(CU) dated 31/01.2007) and are registered in various departments of the University.

  2. The award and extension of fellowship will always be subject to actual release of funds from the UGC and compliance with stipulated conditions.

In case of the violation of any of the terms of award enumerated in succeeding paragraphs and amendments from time to time, the University reserves the right to cancel the fellowship, registration and recover the amount paid as applicable. The University will issue no individual intimation of the guidelines and amendments if any to the Scholars. HOD / Supervisor shall bear the responsibility of the same. The copy of this notification and subsequent amendments will be placed on the University Website at

M.Phil. Programme

(i) M.Phil, students not availing any financial assistance from any other source will be considered for the award of Non-NET fellowship of Rs 5000/- per month with contingency of Rs 10,000/ per year for Science students and Rs 8000/- per year for Humanities and Social Science students.

The maximum number nf fellowships in a Department will be 25 +1 HWD (maximum number of permitted admissions including English Department).

Ph.D, Programme

Selected students will be entitled to Rs 8000/- per month as fellowship and contingency of Rs 10,000/- for Science students and Rs 8000/- for Humanities and Social Science students.

The number of Non-NET fellowship to be awarded each year to fresh students enrolled in the concerned Department will be half the number of existing faculty strength but not exceeding a total of twelve (12) – (6 UR + 3 OBC + 2 SC + 1 ST). In order to implement affirmative actions for physically disabled category, supernumerary fellowship(s) will be created if suitable candidate(s) who meet the requisite academic standards are available. The selection for students for Non-Net fellowship shall be in accordance with Circular No. Aca.l/Ph.D/2012/255 dated 18 July 2012.

Students, who have been registered for Ph.D. programme and availing fellowship under projects and are not availing any fellowship after the project is over, will be considered for Non-NET fellowship. This will be over and above the permitted limit of Non-NET fellowships in a department. The maximum period of fellowship will not exceed 04 years including duration of fellowship from the project. The total duration shall be counted from the date of registration of Ph.D. Such application should be received in the Scholarship Cell within 03 months from the date of expiry of project fellowship after due recommendation by Departmental Research Committee. Applications received after this date shall not be entertained.

Fresh Award

For fresh award, scholars are required to submit their application to the Scholarship Cell, duly recommended by DRC and forwarded by the HOD concerned to complete in all respects not later than Six months from the date of registration for M.Phil. / Ph.D. programmes for registrations from academic year 2014-15 onwards. Application received after the expiry of Six months shall not be entertained.

Fellowship shall be awarded from March of each year to February of the succeeding year (award year), provided that the scholar is registered for M.Phil. / Ph.D. during this award year, fellowship can be availed only from the date of registration until the end of the award year.

The maximum span period for award of fellowship will be 04 years for Ph.D. and 18 months for M.Phil or completion of viva voce or submission of dissertation where viva voce is not conducted, whichever is earlier. No fellowship shall be given for extended period and part time scholars

Renewal ai Fellowship

Renewal of fellowship for each year should be submitted to Scholarship Cell within three months from the date of expiry of Fellowship in the prescribed proforma duly forwarded by the Supervisor and Head of the Department along with a copy of progress report and Undertaking to be submitted by the Scholar that he / she has not availed any inadmissible leave and has not availed any financial assistance from any other source. Applications received after this period will be rejected. For any absence or delay in renewal beyond the control of the Scholar, the same may be intimated to the Scholarship Cell within three months from the exrtirv of the fellowship dulv recommended bv DRf to avoid cancellation oi renewal oi fellowship. The rejected applicants may apply afresh for renewal of fellowship for the next year if submitted within stipulated time. The rejected period shall be counted towards total fellowship span period.

Failure to qualify in a semester exam for M.Phil. / Ph.D. course work for any reason will result in immediate suspension of the fellowship till the Scholar is qualified. No fellowship shall be paid for the period taken to qualify, but this period shall be counted towards total fellowship span period.


(i) Maximum leave period for Scholars will be 30 days in a year excluding public holidays. They will not be entitled to any vacation.

(ii) Women candidates are eligible for maternity leave of 135 days at full rates of fellowship provided they meet the criteria of
attendance as per rules.

(iii) In special cases, a Non-NET fellow is permitted leave up to one year during entire span of fellowship for accepting only temporary teaching assignments within the city without fellowship. Such leave shall not be granted for Teaching / Job / Internship etc. assignments outside city / abroad. In other cases, leave without fellowship will be restricted to a period not exceeding three
months. The duration of any leave granted shall be counted towards total span period of fellowship. The leave duly recommended hy the Head of the Department shall be forwarded to scholarship well in advance. Departments and Scholarship Cell shall maintain leave records.

The award is liable for cancellation in case of following:-

  • Misconduct
  • Unsatisfactory progress report    and    recommendation of
    cancellation by the Department
  • Scholar found ineligible later
  • Scholar switched from full-time to part-time course
  • Unauthorized Leave other than admissible.
  • The Notification supersedes all notifications / orders issued on Non-NET fellowship scheme by the University. This notification is always subject to amendments from time to time.

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