Postdoctoral position in cellular biophysics, Cellular Biology or Soft Matter Physics France

In the framework of an interdisciplinary project of the iMUST Labex program, the Biophysics team of the Institute of Light and Matter (ILM, UMR 5306, CNRS-UCBL, Lyon, France) is opening a postdoctoral research position in cellular biophysics for one year beginning from September 2015 (with a possible 2-year extension on a side project).Mechanics is playing an important role on cell behavior and fate. It is true for as different processes as embryonic development, blood clotting or tumor expansion in cancer. It is thus now a central aim in the biophysics field to get a proper rheological description of tissue in order to understand all these behaviors and disentangle mechanics versus genetics cues. One idea is to introduce inside living tissues well controlled soft probes whose deformations will give us access to the local mechanical fields.

Tailored polymeric probes will be developed thanks to a new collaboration started in the beginning of year 2015 between ILM, Laurent David at IMP (Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères, UCBL) Yves Jorand at (MATEIS, INSA de Lyon) within the project SPIMOGEL supported by the iMUST Labex. As model tissues, we will use MultiCellular Spheroids (MCSs), which are tridimensional assemblies composed of thousands of adhesive living cells, and which reproduce the in vivo biochemical and mechanical microenvironment, and have also been thoroughly investigated in the Biophysics team 1 .

The candidate will use 2-photon confocal microscopy available in the host laboratory and Single Plane Illumination Microscope developed by Cedric Ray of team ONLI (ILM) within the SPIMOGEL project. Data analysis and modeling will be done in close collaboration with François Graner (MSC, Paris Diderot).

Qualified candidates should have a PhD in Biophysics, Cellular Biology or Soft Matter Physics with an experience in cell culture and/or cell biophysics and/or cell biology, development. Experience in physico-chemistry of polymers, microfluidics, image analysis or 3D microscopy will be appreciated.

Send your CV with cover letter, and the names of referees familiar with your work to: Hélène Delanoë-Ayari ( & Jean-Paul Rieu (

Closing Date: Until filled


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