24 PhD positions: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

Position 1: PhD position on robust and efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) in endoscopy

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 2: PhD Position on Quantum secured data communication for IoTalentum control plane

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 3: PhD position on Improving the flexibility of 5G/6G heterogeneous networks

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 4: PhD Position on Full virtualization of 5G RAN and 6G open infrastructures

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 5: 5 PhD and 1 Postdoc positions in Intelligent Electricity Systems

(Post-doctoral) Researcher, PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 6: PhD – Modeling and optimization of buildings in local energy communities

PhD-student, Built Environment

Position 7: PhD in gamified mHealth for (post-)pandemic mental healthcare support

PhD-student, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Position 8: PhD in Artificial Intelligence for Chemical Biology

PhD-student, Biomedical Engineering

Position 9: PhD in AI-assisted Medicinal Chemistry

PhD-student, Biomedical Engineering

Position 10: PhD position on Verifiable estimation and control for autonomous systems

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 11: PhD; Shaping turbulence with smart particles: experiments with magnetic beads

PhD-student, Applied Physics, Applied Physics

Position 12: PhD position on Tumor and Lymph node on chip platform for cancer studies

PhD-student, Mechanical Engineering

Position 13: PhD Position: Development of Sustainable Aero Gels as Building Material

PhD-student, Built Environment

Position 14: PhD in surface charging of electrostatic wafer clamps in EUV photolithography

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 15: PhD position on Beam Tracking in Wireless Optical Communications

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 16: PhD on Development of aerogel composites as insulation material

PhD-student, Built Environment

Position 17: PhD on Physical Performance of Aerogel Based Insulation Materials

PhD-student, Built Environment

Position 18: PhD in Fault Detection and Diagnosis of HVAC system

PhD-student, Built Environment

Position 19: ‘Smart, Active and Sustainable Micromobility’ PhD position

PhD-student, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Position 20: PhD into model assisted ultrasonic detection of weld defects in bridges

PhD-student, Built Environment, Architecture, Building and Planning

Position 21: PhD in crystal plasticity models for fatigue crack initation in welds in bridges

PhD-student, Built Environment, Architecture, Building and Planning

Position 22: 2 PhD positions in Distributed Edge Artificial Intelligence

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 23: PhD position on Photonic integrated circuits for metrology sensors

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

Position 24: PhD on Phenotyping of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

PhD-student, Electrical Engineering

————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Country Netherlands
Subject areas Engineering, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical engineering
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Degree in relevant subject
Deadline Varies

Company Information
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Donders Mohrmann Fellowship – Group Leader Position

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Bekker NAWA Programme: Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

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The Ulam (Postdoctoral) Programme: NAWA

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Two Postdoc position: Epidemiology/Statistics/Human Genetics

The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) University of Helsinki is looking for two excellent and motivated postdoctoral researchers to

University of Oxford: 65 Postdoctoral and Technical positions

University of Oxford: 65 Postdoctoral positions Position 1: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in Superconducting Parametric Amplifiers (2 posts) Department of Physics,

PhD position in Molecular Virology

The Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Basel is inviting applications for a PhD position to

Postdoctoral position: Environmental Law

The Faculty of Law, Department of Law at Lund University is inviting application for a postdoctoral position in Environmental Law.

Greenedge: 15 fully funded PhD positions (Marie Skłodowska Curie)

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Postdoctoral/Research Fellow: Robot Planning and Learning

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Freie Universität Berlin: Research/Postdoctoral Positions

Freie Universität Berlin: 27 Research/Postdoctoral Positions Position 1: Department of Political and Social Sciences – Otto Suhr Institute for Political

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