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Chingari Small Grants Scheme is announced by the Australia India Institute (AII) for first round of awardees

Funding criteria: Research collaborations or events that require funds between $1,000(AUD) to $5,000(AUD).

Key research areas / broad field of study:

Project 1: Social Inclusion for Young People Affected by Psycho-Social Disability in Uttarakhand: An Exploratory Study

Manager: Dr Nathan Grills
Grant: $4,000(AUD)
Description – To work with rural communities in India to undertake exploratory research.

Project 1: Ocean in a Drop: Broadband Impacts on Rural India

Project Manager: Andrew Garton
Grant Amount: $4,000(AUD)
Description – Impact of a single laptop and internet connection arriving in a small rural village. Will be filmed in 14 villages throughout 9 districts across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar.

Project 3: Common Ground: The Serendipitous Happenstance Project

Project Manager: Helen Rayment
Grant Amount: $4,000(AUD)

Description : Common Ground: The Serendipitous Happenstance Project is an artists’ residency, exhibition, short film, catalogue and public program in conjunction with the Kochi Muziris 2016/17 Biennale.

Project 4: Trading Tales

Project Manager: Kevin Murray
Grant Amount:  $3,500(AUD)

Description : Impact of digital media and internet on traditional crafts in India: E-commerce and social media.

Project 5: International Youth Exchange – Strengthening Youth Leadership In Australia and India

Project Manager: Jordy Bradley
Grant Amount: $3,000(AUD)
Description: Fostering meaningful and sustainable peer partnerships between youth led organizations.

Project 6: One Health Approach to Capacity Building in Emergency Preparedness in India

Project Manager: Navneet Dhand
Grant Amount: $3,500(AUD)
Description: This project aims to develop capacity among Indian medical and veterinary experts in emergency preparedness and in combating emerging infectious diseases (EIDs).

Project 7: VR-Enabled Education for Everyone (VEER)

Project Manager: Gitansh Khirbat and Sneha Sant
Grant Amount: $2,000(AUD)

Description: India has as many 9-year olds as the entire population of Australia. Imparting education to them to achieve 100% literacy rate is the paramount priority for the Indian government.

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