Chalmers University of Technology: 20 Postdoctoral positions 7633 views

Chalmers University of Technology: 20 Postdoctoral positions

Position 1: 20190631 Postdoctoral position in systems and synthetic biology

Application deadline: 15/12/2019

Position 2: 20190616 Postdoctoral positions in biological physics

Application deadline: 11/12/2019

Position 3: 20190619 Postdoctoral position in Environmental Nanosafety of single Nanoparticles

Application deadline: 15/12/2019

Position 4: 20190620 Postdoctoral position in Terahertz instrumentation

Application deadline: 15/01/2020

Position 5: 20190615 Postdoctor in Formal Methods, PAR 2019/1377

Application deadline: 21/11/2019

Position 6: 20190595 Postdoctoral position in Crystal plasticity and microstructure modelling towards analysis of neutron diffraction experiments

Application deadline: 30/11/2019

Position 7: 20190602 Postdoctoral position in Process Design

Application deadline: 30/11/2019

Position 8: 20190594 Postdoctoral position in Study of the aerodynamics of an electric aircraft using Lattice-Bolzmann

Application deadline: 31/01/2020

Position 9: 20190593 Postdoctoral position in formal analysis/verification of autonomous SW/HW systems

Application deadline: 30/11/2019

Position 10: 20190598 Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning Driven Air Flow Control for Reduced Drag of Ships

Application deadline: 15/12/2019

Position 11: 20190580 Postdoctoral position in Nanoparticle Conjugated Polymer Composites for Gas Sensing

Application deadline: 16/12/2019

Position 12: 20190579 Postdoctoral position in Synthesis of Polar Conjugated Polymers

Application deadline: 16/12/2019

Position 13: 20190564 Postdoctoral researcher on the development of a new Rheo-SAXS sample environment

Application deadline: 30/11/2019

Position 14: 20190565 Postdoctoral position in theory of exciton dynamics in 2D materials

Application deadline: 15/11/2019

Position 15: 20190560 Postdoctoral position in Electron microscopy and FIB-SEM studies of cellulose fibres

Application deadline: 14/11/2019

Position 16: 20190464 Postdoctoral position in deep learning for long-term visual localization

Application deadline: 24/11/2019

Position 17: 20190372 Postdoctoral position in artificial topological matter

Application deadline: 31/12/2019

Position 18: 20190537 Postdoctoral position in theoretical particle physics

Application deadline: 06/12/2019

Position 19: 20190530 Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships

Application deadline: 15/12/2019

Position 20: 20190503 Postdoctoral position in Process development for metal recovery via hydrometallurgy

Application deadline: 01/12/2019

—————-Quick Overview————-
Organization Chalmers University of Technology
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Country Sweden
Subject areas All disciplines
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies

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