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Gothenburg Physics Centre: A postdoc position is available at the Department of Physics at Chalmers,  Gothenburg Physics Centre.

Place: Division of Bionanophotonics, Department of Physics at the Chalmers University of Technology under supervision

Supervisor: Professors Peter Apell, Tomasz Antosiewicz and Mikael Käll.

Key research areas:

  1. Advanced nanophotonics,
  2. Biophotonics and plasmonics
  3. Nanoplasmonic sensing,
  4. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and
  5. Nanooptical antennas.

Major responsibilities

  1. Plasmonic antennas shines light on the nanoworld with special emphasis on information technology,
  2. Controlling single quantum emitters using plasmonic antennas as a crucial step towards on-chip quantum photonics. 
  3. The work mainly involves theory and simulations.

For the selected postdoc project here are the following outlines:

Topic: Study of nonlocal quantum size effects in shell antennas for coupling strongly to molecular excitations

Materials: simple ﴾s‐ and p‐ electrons﴿ and transition ﴾additional screening from d‐electrons﴿ metals; generic two‐ level model molecule: J‐aggregates, quantum dots…

Geometries: Active material ﴾molecules/Q‐dots﴿ either/both inside/outside plasmonic shell.

Methods: tailored to the specific question addressed; chosen from: classical, effective medium, density formulation ﴾confined Fermi liquids﴿, finite element, density functional theory, FDTD…

Observables: absorption/scattering/extinction, fluorescence ﴾with lifetime measurements﴿, EELS or CL.

Qualifications / Requirements

  1. A doctoral degree in Theoretical Physics, Physics or equivalent, (should be earned no earlier than 2 years prior)
  2. Experience in photonics, basic surface physics, density functional theory & electrodynamical calculations/simulations (is advantageous).
  3. Sound verbal and written communication skills in English.

Duration: 2 years (1+1)

Starting date: June 1, 2016.

How to Apply
The application must be as with Ref 20160205 and should be written in English. The application should only be sent electronically and be attached as pdf-files, the following documents-

  1. Application
  2. CV, include complete list of publications
  3. Two references that we can contact.

For questions, please contact:
Peter Apell, bionanophotonics,
Mikael Käll, bionanophotonics,

——Quick Overview———
Organization  Gothenburg Physics Centre, Chalmers University
Level  Postdoc
Country  Sweden
Subject areas  Physics
Salary 25000-27000 SEK per month
Eligibility  PhD
Deadline 13 June 2016

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