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The Gottfried Schatz PhD Student Prize is dedicated to Prof. Gottfried Schatz, was one of highly valued teachers. The award is instituted by Dr. Heide Tullberg-Reinert and Dr. Kjell Fredrik Tullberg who were his students, met each other at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. Their major subjects at the time were biochemistry and cell biology. In form of a student prize, they would now like to thank the Biozentrum, and particularly Prof. Schatz whose enthusiasm and scientific spirit had highly influenced their own scientific career.


  • The yearly award is for an outstanding PhD thesis (carried out at the Biozentrum) in the area of Biochemistry/Cell Biology.
  • The awardee will be selected by the committee members of the Biozentrum Basel International PhD Program “Fellowships for Excellence” based on the thesis, grade and the evaluation in the Referat and Korreferat.
  • The prize value is CHF 3’000/year and will be handed out at the Biozentrum Symposium of the following year.


  • Applicant must be a PhD student of the Biozentrum (if they have finished their thesis up to one year before the application deadline).
  • The dissertation must describe a project with a biochemical or cell biological focus.
  • Only students with an overall excellent grade are eligible for the award.
  • Students should be encouraged by their supervisor to apply.


Application must include the following:

  • A pdf file of the thesis
  • A confirmation of the grade
  • Names and contact information of the referee and co-referee
  • Applications to be submitted to Angie Klarer
Quick Overview————-
Organization University of Basel
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Country Switzerland
Subject areas Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Fellowship amount CHF 3’000/year
Eligibility Open to students enrolled in Biozentrum
Deadline November 30


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