Imperial College London: 80 PhD positions

Faculty of Engineering


  1. Compression failure in fibre-reinforced composites: Identifying mechanisms and the effect of architectural modifications
  2. Controlling compression failure in fibre-reinforced composites: Bio-inspired solutions
  3. Bio-inspired solutions – SP
  4. The development of Quantum Algorithms in the design of composite airframes
  5. ‌Three PhD scholarships in Next-Generation Wing Technologies
  6. PhD Studentshipin nanocarbon (carbon nanotube and graphene) reinforced lightweight metal composites
  7. The use of Machine Learning in the design of composite airframe ML advert‌‌‌‌
  8. Composite components with bio-inspired micro-structures: Exploiting improved damage tolerance
  9. Realistic modelling of composites with flaws
  10. Understanding composites subject to high rate loadings
  11. Optically transparent armour reinforced with microbiallysynthesized cellulose nanofibres with self-repair capability
  12. Investigating and optimising the translaminar toughness of composites for aeroengine applications

Department of Bioengineering

  1. Biomechanics of tumour cell extrusion leading to metastasis using organ-on-chip devices
  2. Centre for Blast Injury Studies
  3. College-wide scholarships
  4. Forms and functions of Arabidopsis shoot architecture
  5. Optical control and readout of neuronal networks

Department of Computing

  1. EPSRC INDUSTRIAL CASE PhD Studentship in Data Centre Computing
  2. Foundations of Persistent Programming
  3. Funded PhD position in Program Analysis, Verification or Systems
  4. Hardware and OS Support for Future Smart Data Center Disaggregation
  5. Hardware and Software Co-Design for Security and Virtualization Performance
  6. PhD position in ensuring smart contracts are correct
  7. PhD position in program analysis and specification
  8. Future Mobility Systems: design and societal impact

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  1. PhD in modelling methods for acoustic and elastic waves (Prof Mike Lowe, Prof Richard Craster)
  2. PhD Studentship #1 in Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Engineering (Dr Mike Ristic)
  3. PhD Studentship #2 in Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Engineering (Dr Mike Ristic)
  4. PhD Studentship in Additive Manufacture for Orthopaedic Surgery (Dr Jonathan Jeffers)
  5. PhD Studentship in Biomechanics of the Skin-Prosthetic Interface (Dr Marc Masen)
  6. PhD Studentship in Characterisation Grain Microstructures in Metals using Ultrasound (Dr Bo Lan, Prof Mike Lowe)
  7. PhD Studentship in Development of Dynamic Fracture Testing Techniques for Alloys (Dr Paul Hooper)
  8. PhD Studentship in Development of Dynamic Fracture Testing Techniques for Alloys (Dr Paul Hooper)
  9. PhD Studentship in Estimation of Internal Pipe Wall Temperature under Operating Conditions in Pipe Circuits using Ultrasound (Dr Frederic Cegla)
  10. PhD Studentship in Green Tribology: Degradation and lubrication of stern tube seals (Dr Marc Masen)
  11. PhD studentship in High-fidelity modelling of clad ballooning during a loss-of-coolant accident (Dr Mike Bluck)
  12. PhD Studentship in Industrial Implementation of New Techniques for Inspection of Rough Defects (Prof Mike Lowe, Prof Richard Craster)
  13. PhD Studentship in Metal Forming and Materials Modelling (Dr Xiaoyu Xi)
  14. PhD Studentship in Metal-Forming and Materials Modelling (Dr Jun Jiang)
  15. PhD Studentship in modelling compressive failure of composite pipes (Prof Daniele Dini)
  16. PhD Studentship in modelling lithium-sulfur batteries (Dr Monica Marinescu)
  17. PhD Studentship in Modelling of Lubrication Mechanisms between Wet Hairs (Prof Daniele Dini)
  18. PhD Studentship in Shell University Technology Centre (Dr Janet Wong)
  19. PhD Studentship in Split Hopkinson Bar Development for Tensile Testing (Dr Paul Hooper)
  20. PhD Studentship in Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Development for Tensile Testing (Dr Paul Hooper)
  21. PhD Studentship in the feasibility study of superplastic forming and diffusion bonding of nickel-based superalloys (Dr Jun Jiang)
  22. PhD Studentship in the influence of inelastic damage on the crack growth behaviour of 316H stainless steels (Dr Catrin Davies)
  23. PhD Studentship in thermoacoustics of future hybrid rocket engines (Prof Aimee Morgans)
  24. PhD Studentship in Tribology (Industrially funded project) (Dr Tom Reddyhoff)
  25. PhD Studentship in Tribology (Dr Tom Reddyhoff)
  26. PhD Studentships in Metal Additive Manufacturing (Dr Paul Hooper)Faculty of
Natural Sciences

Department of Chemistry

  1. PhD studentship – Analysis of Charge Dynamics in Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells
  2. The Interaction of Chirality and Spin in Paramagnetic Helicenes
  3. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Synthesis & Reaction Technology (rEaCt)
  4. Novel microfluidic organ on a chip technologies and artificial cells for therapeutics delivery
  5. Ultrasensitive prostate cancer screening based on miRNA sensing from whole blood
  6. Unravelling epigenetic drivers of chemo-resistance by optical editing of DNA-methylation in cells
  7. Next-generation biosensors for real-time, enhanced sensitivity antigen detection
  8. Four year PhD studentship in homogeneous catalysis (UK or EU students only)
  9. Computational modelling of corrosion processes at metal-electrolyte interfaces
  10. Computational modelling of electrochemical nanojunctions
  11. DNA phase-separation as a general mean of regulating gene expression in hybrid cells
  12. DNA-nanotechnology tools for synthetic cell mimics
  13. Engineering motile artificial cells capable of swimming up concentration gradients
  14. Engineering synthetic cell ‘translators’ to mediate human-cell communication
  15. EPSRC CDT in Smart Medical Imaging opens recruitment for 2020 student cohort
  16. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Chemical Biology: Innovation in Life Sciences
  17. PhD in DNA nanotechnology and bottom-up synthetic biology
  18. PhD Studentship in nanomedicines for heart disease
  19. PhD Studentship in Polyester Plastic Recycling Using Low-cost Ionic Liquids
  20. Resins Project
  21. Understanding how (bio)molecular machines work
  22. Unlocking a new toolkit for mediating protein-based interactions between synthetic cells and real cells
  23. Unveiling the electronic transport and optical properties of networks of two-dimensional materials
  24. wearable nano-electronics: wearable electronic devices based on graphene and other layered materials

Department of Life Sciences

  1. Leverhulme Wildfires PhD Studentship: Machine Learning and Data Assimilation for accurate wildfire predictions.
  2. Enhancement of NK cell therapy using small molecules and genome editing
  3. Determining the elusive mechanism of bacterial flagellar motor torque generation using 3-D electron microscopy
  4. Understanding the structural basis of the regulation of carbon fixation
  5. Ultrafast crystallography using X-ray Free Electron Lasers
  6. Four-year funded PhD Position in Epigenetics and Polycomb Regulation in Plants, Imperial College London
  7. 4 Year funded PhD position: Toxic secretion by bacterial nanomachines

Department of Mathematics

  1. Chapman Fellow in Mathematics
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OrganizationImperial College London
Fellowship LevelDoctoral
Subject areasNatural Science, Engineering
Fellowship amountVaries
EligibilityMaster’s in relevant subject


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