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India-Korea Joint Program of Cooperation in Science and Technology: Call For Joint Project Proposals.

The Indo-Korean Joint Program of Cooperation in Science & Technology facilitates bilateral cooperation between the scientists and researchers from within two countries by way of joint R&D projects and technical mission.

Core Areas: Republic of Korea invites Indian and Korean scientists or researchers to submit proposals for joint research projects in the following fields:

  1. Nutrition & Food Safety,
  2. Chemical & Biochemical Technologies,
  3. Water Resources & Environment,
  4. Green Mobility (Transportation)
  5. Information & Communication Technologies

Eligibility Conditions: The Program is open to the following catagories:

  1. Scientists,
  2. Engineers,
  3. Institutions
  4. Countries Involved: located in India or the Republic of Korea that are engaged in advanced research in one or more of the subject mentioned above.

Project proposal must include – name of one PI (Principal Investigator) and a Co-PI (Co-Principal Investigator each in India and in the Republic of Korea.

Benefits / Supports: Kind of support available for Joint Project are as follows:

Duration: 3 years.

Projects on both sides must pass the annual evaluation in each country for continuation of funding for subsequent year.

Funds will be provided in following catagories:

  1. To facilitate the objective of the Project,
  2. Manpower cost,
  3. Consumables and minor accessories,
  4. Research expenses,
  5. Project related visits of Indian and Korean

Selection Criteria: The following criteria will be taken into consideration for selection of proposals:

  1. The scientific merit of the collaborative project
  2. Scientific excellence of the projects
  3. Synergy / Complementarity aspects
  4. Mutual advancement of research through the transfer of knowledge and expertise
  5. Ability of the teams to successfully complete the project
  6. Expected research outputs

Deadline: Oct 17, 2016

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