Ohio State University: 45 Research/Postdoc positions

Position 1: Research Associate 1-B/H

R24859   |   Medical Center Campus   |

Position 2: Post Doctoral Researcher

R29059   |   Columbus Campus

Position 3: Research Associate 1-B/H

R27037   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 4: Post Doctoral Scholar

R29115   |   Columbus Campus

Position 5: Post Doctoral Scholar

R29153   |   Columbus Campus

Position 6: Research Associate 1 – Trauma, Critical Care & Burn

R20053   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 7: Post Doctoral Scholar

R23822   |   Columbus Campus

Position 8: Research Associate 1-B/H

R14649   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 9: Scientific Instrument Maker

R28427   |   Columbus Campus

Position 10: Research Associate 1-B/H- Catalyst Center

R19701   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 11: Research Associate 1-B/H

R27655   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 12: Patient Care Associate – GPR

R27911   |   Columbus Campus

Position 13: Post Doctoral Scholar

R25180   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 14: Post Doctoral Scholar

R26542   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 15: Post Doctoral Scholar

R25333   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 16: Research Associate 1-B/H

R1125   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 17: Post Doctoral Scholar – Chemistry and Biochemistry

R26101   |   Columbus Campus

Position 18: Research Associate 1-B/H

R26112   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 19: Research Associate 1 for Transplant Laboratory

R24321   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 20: Post Doctoral Scholar

R24715   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 21: Post Doctoral Scholar

R15526   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 22: Research Associate 1-B/H

R24879   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 23: Postdoctoral Researcher

R22569   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 24: Postdoctoral Scholar

R11513   |   Columbus Campus

Position 25: Research Associate 1 BH

R22738   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 26: Postdoctoral Scholar

R24463   |   Columbus Campus

Position 27: Postdoctoral Fellow on Race and Responsible Data Science

R11796   |   Columbus Campus

Position 28: Postdoctoral Researcher

R14603   |   Columbus Campus

Position 29: Research Associate 1-B/H

R20597   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 30: Post Doctoral Scholar

R23060   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 31: Postdoctoral Scholar

R15763   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 32: Post Doctoral Scholar

R15501   |   Columbus Campus

Position 33: Post Doctoral Scholar

R1543   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 34: Post Doctoral Scholar

R1544   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 35: Research Associate 1-B/H

R1122   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 36: Research Associate 1

R15377   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 37: Research Associate 1-B/H

R11894   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 38: Post Doctoral Scholar

R18920   |   Columbus Campus

Position 39: Research Associate 1-B/H

R207   |   Columbus Campus

Position 40: Research Associate 1-B/H

R16272   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 41: Post Doctoral Scholar

R8577   |   Columbus Campus

Position 42: Post Doctoral Scholar

R13757   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 43: Postdoctoral Researcher

R14071   |   Columbus Campus

Position 44: Post Doctoral Scholar- SBS-Microbial Infectn/Immunity

R4357   |   Medical Center Campus

Position 45: Post Doctoral Scholar – SBS Microbial Infection and Immunity

R3917   |   Medical Center Campus

—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Ohio State University
Fellowship Level Research positions
Country USA
Subject areas Biosciences, Physics, economics, Biomedical, Veterinary
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies


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