PhD and Postdoc, Faculty Positions at the TU Delft University (Delft University of Technology), Netherlands.

Faculty Aerospace Engineering

  1. PhD on Nanoporous microparticles for corrosion control (LR19.32)
  2. Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.45)
  3. Lecturer Astrodynamics and Space missions (LR19.46)

Faculty Applied Sciences

  1. PDEng Traineeship in Process & Equipment (TNW CE 19-055)
  2. PDEng Traineeship in Chemical Product Design (TNW CE 19-057)
  3. Postdoc : Biophysical studies at the interface with artificial lipid membranes (TNWBN19-079)
  4. Programmer & Scientific Data Analyst (TNWBN19-081)
  5. PhD student in Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions (TNWBN20-006)
  6. PhD student in cryo-EM method development (TNWBN20-007)
  7. Assistant Professor (tenure track) position in Bionanoscience, TU Delft (TNWBN20-008)
  8. PDEng Trainee Designer in Bioprocess Engineering (TNWBT19-056)
  9. Three Assistant Professor (tenure track) positions in Biotechnology, TU Delft (TNWBT19-071)
  10. Postdoc for computational studies on excitons and charge carriers in ultrathin 2D materials (TNWCE20-004)
  11. Postdoc on System Analysis for Solar-driven CO2 Electrolysis (TNWCE20-005)
  12. Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position at Department of Imaging Physics (TNWIP19-035)
  13. PhD on Fast volumetric ultrasound imaging of acoustic biomolecules (TNWIP19-074)
  14. PhD on Biomolecular ultrasound sensors (TNWIP19-075)
  15. PhD High speed 3D optical imaging (TNWIP20-002)
  16. PhD Next generation multi-beam technology for high-throughput inspection (TNWIP20-010)
  17. PhD position Neutron Tomography on Cultural Heritage (TNWRST20-003)
  18. Technician Storage Electrochemical Energy (TNWRST20-009)

Faculty Architecture & the Built Environment 

  1. PhD Regionale woningmarkten (BK2019/44)
  2. Onderwijscoördinator Masteropleidingen (BK2020/01)
  3. Assistant Professor of Design and Construction Management (Digital Innovation) (BK2019/42)
  4. Assistant Professor of Design and Construction Management (Business Model Innovation) (BK2019/43)

Faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences 

  1. Onderwijsadviseur (Assessment) (CiTG19.70)
  2. Chemisch laborant WaterLab (CiTG20.02)
  3. PhD candidate – Contactless position control of wind turbines during the installation (CITG20.04)
  4. Postdoc Measuring Oil and Gas Emissions from Space (CiTG19.61)
  5. PhD position in Deep learning to evaluate the competitive performance of ports and waterways network configurations (CiTG20.06)
  6. PhD Position within Minimized PLUME dispersion through natural FLOCculation (PLUMEFLOC-project) (CiTG20.07)
  7. Transport Agent-Based Modelling researcher (CiTG20.08)

Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

  1. PhD Student in the Distributed Systems Group (EWI2019-27)
  2. Postdoc in the Distributed Systems Group (EWI2019-50)
  3. PhD Student in Static Semantics Specification (EWI2019-61)
  4. Postdoc in Quantum Computer Simulation Technologies (EWI2019-80)
  5. Full Professor in Mathematical Finance (EWI2019-81)
  6. PhD candidate in Social Robotics (EWI2019-86)
  7. PhD position in Analysis of PDEs (EWI2019-87)
  8. PhD position Artificial Intelligence (EWI2019-90)
  9. PhD – Learning algorithms for drug target prediction (EWI2019-92)
  10. PhD in AI driven Learning Networks (EWI2020-05)
  11. PhD Student position for the Blockchain living Lab Project (EWI2020-07)
  12. PhD Student: Interactions to mitigate human biases (EWI2020-08)

Faculty Industrial Design Engineering 

  1. Pro-actieve secretaresse (m/v) (ATIO 0764)
  2. Post-doc: 3D Printing for Repair (3DP4R) (ATIO 0802)
  3. PhD Position Designing for Food Waste Reduction (ATIO 0803)

Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering 

  1. Technici O&O (3mE19-104)
  2. Postdoc: Safe Reinforcement Learning for Motion Planning: Simulator (3mE19-111)
  3. Postdoc: Safe Reinforcement Learning for Motion Planning: Theory (3mE19-112)
  4. PhD – integration and experimental analysis of low-head hydro power and storage (3mE20-01)

Faculty Technology, Policy and Management 

  1. Onderwijsadviseur (ATTBM 20.004)
  2. Postdoc on Logistics optimization and freight traffic management (ATTBM 19.036)
  3. Postdoc on on-demand logistics (ATTBM 20.001)
  4. Assistant Professor in Energy Systems (Tenure Track) (ATTBM 20.003)
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Organization TU Delft University
Level PhD and Postdoc, Faculty
Country Netherlands
Subject areas All disciplines
Salary € 1000-2500
Eligibility  Varies
Deadline Varies

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