PhD and Postdoc, Faculty Positions at the TU Delft University (Delft University of Technology), Netherlands.

Faculty Aerospace Engineering

  1. PhD: Eco-efficient aircraft routing to largely reduce climate impact (LR20.13)
  2. PhD in Steamy, watery, rocky worlds (LR20.14)
  3. PhD on Icy Moons exospheres (LR20.15)
  4. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD position: Aerodynamics of floating offshore wind turbines undergoing large motions (LR20.16)
  5. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD position: Automated manufacturing of carbon fibre reinforced composites for offshore wind turbine blades (LR20.17)
  6. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD position: Multidisciplinary design analysis and optimisation framework for FOWT farms (LR20.18)
  7. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD position: Multi-scale numerical modelling of floating offshore wind turbines (LR20.19)
  8. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD position: Reduced-order models and machine learning for FOWT analysis and design (LR20.20)

Faculty Applied Sciences 

  1. Research Technicus Elektronenversnellers en Lasers (TNWCE20-025)
  2. PhD/Post-Doc in Biophysics (TNW BN 20-035)
  3. PDEng Trainee Designer in Bioprocess Engineering (TNW BT 19-056)
  4. PDEng Traineeship in Process & Equipment (TNW CE 19-055)
  5. PDEng Traineeship in Chemical Product Design (TNW CE 19-057)
  6. Postdoc on Continuous-Flow Reactions in Pickering Emulsions (TNW CE 20-034)
  7. Instrument Scientist (tenure track) position in Chemical Engineering (TNW CE 20-036)
  8. Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position at Department of Imaging Physics (TNW IP 19-035)
  9. Postdoc position: Cryogenic superresolution fluorescence targeting for FIB milling in electron cryo-tomography (TNW IP 20-030)
  10. Instrument Technician (TNW RID 20-033)
  11. Research Technician Electron Accelerators and Lasers (TNWCE20-025a)
  12. PhD Next generation multi-beam technology for high-throughput inspection (TNWIP20-010)
  13. Post Doc on Proton Therapy (TNWIP20-015)
  14. PhD on Proton Therapy (TNWIP20-016)
  15. PhD position Neutron Tomography on Cultural Heritage (TNWRST20-003)
  16. Technician Storage Electrochemical Energy (TNWRST20-009)

Faculty Architecture & the Built Environment 

  1. Studieadviseur (BK2020/15)
  2. Postdoc on Urbidata: ethics for the (open) data driven city (BK2020/14)

Faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences

  1. Postdoc: Smart extraction of solid particles from a waste flow (CITG20.18)
  2. Assistant professor/ tenure track Transdisciplinary Design of Infrastructures in the Environment (CiTG19.68)
  3. Post doctoral researcher: secondary Raw Material Assessment (CiTG20.27)
  4. Assistant Professor/Tenure Track Parametric Structural Design and Digital Fabrication (CiTG20.33)
  5. PhD on developing electromagnetic monitoring technology for geothermal applications (CiTG20.35)
  6. PhD position: Research into residual load-bearing capacity of timber foundations (CiTG20.36)
  7. Data manager (CiTG20.37)
  8. Technician (CiTG20.38)
  9. PhD in landfill response to in-situ stabilisation (CiTG20.39)
  10. Phd in development of next generation asset valuation tools and methods for current and future sustainable infrastructural assets – as part of a EU project NRG Storage (CiTG20.40)

Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science 

  1. Executive Manager (Afdelingssecretaris) Software Technology (EWI2020-49)
  2. PhD Student in the Distributed Systems Group (EWI2019-27)
  3. PhD Student in Static Semantics Specification (EWI2019-61)
  4. Faculty position in Engineering System Architectures for Quantum Networks (EWI2020-24)
  5. Assistant/Associate Professor Quantum Computer Architecture (EWI2020-28)
  6. Assistant Professor of Optimization or Discrete Mathematics (EWI2020-31)
  7. Postdoc in machine learning for autonomous drone navigation (EWI2020-33)
  8. Two Assistant/Associate Professors in Programming Languages (EWI2020-38)
  9. PhD Position in Analysis (EWI2020-39)
  10. PhD position in Human-Centric AI for Medical Time-Critical Segmentation (EWI2020-42)
  11. PhD position in Data Retrieval and Target Classification with Radar (EWI2020-43)
  12. PhD: Constraint-Based Real-Time Scheduling for Manufacturing Systems (EWI2020-48)
  13. PhD Optimization for and with Machine Learning (OPTIMAL) (EWI2020-51)

Faculty Industrial Design Engineering 

  1. Secretaresse (ATIO 0814)
  2. Projectsupport officer valorisation IO (ATIO 0815)
  3. Programme Coordinator Sustainability (ATIO 0816)
  4. Postdoc Design Research Enduring Rewards project (ATIO 0817)

Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering

  1. Assist./Assoc. Professor in Data Fusion for Intelligent Vehicles (3mE19-57)
  2. Assistant Professor Dynamics of Ship and Offshore Structures (3mE19-61)
  3. Postdoc: Low Power wireless protocols for control (3mE19-97)
  4. PhD: Safe Cooperation of Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed Traffic (3mE20-15)
  5. PhD: Dynamic and Stochastic Fleet Management Models for Transportation and Logistics (3mE20-22)
  6. Postdoc: Fleet management with autonomous navigation for transportation and logistics over water (3mE20-23)
  7. PhD Probabilistic anomaly detection for online-monitoring in data-driven resilient control (3mE20-27)
  8. PhD Distributionally robust control algorithms for reconfigurable control (3mE20-27a)
  9. PhD: Physical understanding of microstructure formation for the development of advanced steels (3mE20-29)
  10. PhD: Multi-fidelity Probabilistic Design Framework for Complex Marine Structures (3mE20-34)
  11. PhD Advanced Control Future-proof district heating (3mE20-36)Postdoc Sub-cellular biopsy; a key technology to gather fundamental knowledge for effective cancer therapy (3mE20-37)
  12. PhD: Tensor decomposition for Efficient Robotic Perception (3mE20-40)
  13. PhD: Learning of socially compliant motion planning for autonomous vehicles (3mE20-44)
  14. PhD: Acoustic actuation of force-sensitive protein nanopores (3mE20-45)
  15. Postdoc on Machine-learning-based classification and control for safe cleaning of coastal waters using autonomous vehicles (3mE20-46)
  16. Full professor “Heat transformation technology” (3mE20-47)
  17. Assistant/Associate Professor (tenure track) on Multiscale Cardiovascular Biomechanics (3mE20-48)

Faculty Technology, Policy and Management

  1. PostDoc Researcher: Data Platforms and Business Models (ATTBM 20.025)
  2. Doctoral Researcher Future Electricity Markets (ATTBM 20.035)
  3. Postdoctoral researcher Safety and Security Science TU Delft (ATTBM 20.037)
  4. PhD Position “The ethics and epistemology of explanatory AI” (ATTBM 20.038)
Quick Overview-——–
Organization TU Delft University
Level PhD and Postdoc, Faculty
Country Netherlands
Subject areas All disciplines
Salary € 1000-2500
Eligibility  Varies
Deadline Varies

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