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Postdoc, Professor or Associate Professor Positions Japan are available from August 1, 2016, or as soon as possible thereafter. Appointments at this rank are for 5-year terms. After qualification (see section IV), successful applicants will be promoted to tenure posts in the Graduate School of Science and Technology within 5 years.

The four priority research areas for Postdoc, Professor or Associate Professor Positions  are as follows: (1) Nano Material Science, (2) Green Energy, (3) Environmental Science and (4) Advanced Green Bio.

Nano Material Science covers a wide area including the development of organic functional materials such as graphene oxide nano-sheets, catalysts and metal materials. It also includes the development of innovative materials under extreme conditions. Green Energy includes the development and utilization of renewable resources such as geo-thermal, water, and bio-mass resources. Environmental Science covers a wide area including the protection and evaluation of hydrospheric and atmospheric environments, analysis of climate change, and the protection of underground water and shallow sea areas. Advanced Green Bio covers a wide area for the interdisciplinary life sciences relating to chemical biology, molecular biology, cooperation with medicine, pharmacy, agriculture (such as the development of drug delivery systems), applications of micro-CTs, applications of informatics, and so on. Successful applicants will be expected to perform international collaborative research work in these areas with overseas institutions. Tenure-track professors or associate professors will dedicate their time engaging in high impact international research, publishing high quality papers, and participate in teaching in the Graduate School of Science and Technology

Applications are encouraged as soon as possible, but will be accepted until May 31, 2016.

Interested applicants are encouraged to assemble and submit an application packet composed of: (1) curriculum vitae with e-mail address, photo and contact information, (2) a list of papers (Add a note whether or not it has been peer-reviewed.), (3) a statement of research accomplishments and potential future activities (not to exceed two pages of A4 size paper), (4) a statement of research interests (not to exceed two pages of A4 size paper) and (5) the names and contact information of at least three references. The statement of potential future research activities should include: (a) research objectives, (b) recent activity in this area, (c) methodology (how will the research be conducted) and (d) significance and potential impact of the research. The applied areas, (1) to (4), and the category of the application should be clearly described on your application form.

Applications should be sent via email to:

Dr. Takashi HIYAMA Distinguished Professor Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence Head of International Collaborative Research Group for Science and Technology Kumamoto University E-mail:

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