University of Antwerp: 60 Doctoral, Postdoctoral, Research and Faculty Positions

Faculty of Applied Engineering

  1. PhD position, Electrocatalysis
  2. Research professor, Circular Use of Road Construction Materials

Faculty of Arts

  1. Tenured academic staff, Interpreting Studies French-Dutch
  2. Tenured academic staff, Modern Hispanic Literature
  3. Tenured academic staff, Philosophy of culture

Faculty of Business and Economics

  1. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Organization- and Management Sciences
  2. PhD position, Environmental economics
  3. PhD position, Neuroeconomics
  4. Doctoral student, Analytics, optimization and data science
  5. Postdoctoral researcher, Neuroeconomics

Faculty of Design Sciences

  1. Tenured academic staff, Heritage studies (preventive conservation and heritage collection management)

Faculty of Law

  1. Academic assistant, Administrative law
  2. Academic assistant, Human rights law
  3. Academic assistant, Law of the European Union
  4. Academic assistant, attached to the Master of Laws
  5. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Administrative Law
  6. PhD position, Constitutional law and fundamental rights
  7. PhD position, Health law
  8. PhD position, Health law ‘The healthcare provider as a practitioner of a liberal profession and as entrepreneur’
  9. PhD position, Liability, Contract and Insurance Law
  10. Research professor, Digitalisation and taxation
  11. Tenured academic staff, Global legal systems and legal pluralism
  12. Doctoral assistant, Competition law

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  1. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Chondrodysplasia drug discovery using iPSC-derived models
  2. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Multimorbidity and its cost in the Belgium health system
  3. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Psychiatry
  4. Lab manager, Neuroscience and Psychiatry
  5. Doctoral Grant, Sleep and emotion regulation
  6. Research professor, Health economics and economic evaluation of health care programs and organization
  7. Postdoc researcher, in the area of whole genome sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

  1. PhD position, Pathophysiology of heart failure
  2. Predoctoral researcher, Bio-image analysis
  3. PhD student / Bio-informatician in computational protein modeling
  4. Postdoctoral researcher, Bio-image analysis
  5. Postdoctoral researcher, Epilepsy Genomics as a tool to improve epilepsy therapy
  6. Postdoctoral researcher, Neuroscience
  7. Valorisation manager, Infectious diseases & environmental health

Faculty of Science

  1. Academic staff, High performance computing
  2. Bioinformatics Support Manager
  3. Doctoral student in the area of urban and environmental ecology
  4. PhD position, Adaptive optics in transmission electron microscopy
  5. PhD position, Coincidence detection of electrons and X-rays in electron microscopy
  6. PhD position, Effectiveness of Arts in STEAM interventions
  7. PhD position, Evolutionary Genomics
  8. PhD position, Forest ecosystem phenology and ecology
  9. PhD position, Molecular microbiology
  10. PhD position, Phase Contrast X-ray Computational Imaging
  11. PhD position, Translating scientific concepts & dilemmas into teaching material
  12. Bioinformatics Support Manager
  13. Postdoctoral position, Computational Atom Probe Tomography
  14. Postdoctoral position, Molecular microbiology
  15. Postdoctoral position, Organic Synthesis / Homogeneous Catalysis
  16. Postdoctoral researcher, Artificial intelligence for small molecule structure elucidation
  17. Postdoctoral researcher, Environmental microbiology and protein biochemistry
  18. Research professor, Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning and Global Change
  19. Temporary academic staff / Visiting professor, Gravitational Wave Instrumentation
  20. Tenured academic staff / Coordinator, Evolution of mammals and their pathogens

Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. Doctoral Grant (BOF), Educational Sciences
  2. PhD position, Effectiveness of Arts in STEAM interventions
  3. PhD position, Family sociology
  4. PhD position, Translating scientific concepts & dilemmas into teaching material

Institute of Development Policy (IOB)

  1. Postdoctoral position, Development Processes, Actors and Policies
Quick Overview————-
Organization University of Antwerp
Fellowship Level Doctoral and Postdoctoral
Country Belgium
Subject areas All disciplines
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Degree in relevant subjects
Deadline Varies

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