A Ph.D. Position is available in Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Mechanics, at Munich, Germany. The position is open for the project based on E13-level on the development of novel modeling frameworks and simulation tools in order to quantify the effect of uncertainties in problems in mechanics and applied physics.

Potential focus areas include:

  • Reduced-order modeling for high-dimensional systems
  • Optimization/Design under uncertainty of complex systems

The research areas combine expertise in the physical sciences (e.g. mechanics of materials) and
skills in computational mathematics and probabilistic modeling. The work undertaken combines
creative and analytical thinking with a strong flavor for scientific computing and physical mod-
eling, often beyond the boundaries of traditional engineering. We aim at educating the best minds
in a range of scientific fields and developing their ability to produce new knowledge that advances
scientific understanding and encompasses a wide range of applications. As a result, the completion
of a PhD in our group can provide many academic and industrial opportunities for employment.

What to expect:

  • Students in our group follow a study and research plan that is adapted to their individual backgrounds, skills and goals.
  • Students are integrated with our research activities immediately. In addition to taking graduate level courses, students are expected to devote time for studying relevant scientific publications and code writing.
  • There will be daily, informal interaction with Prof. Koutsourelakis and other members of the group.
  • Students will be encouraged and supported to interact with researchers in other groups within TUM and other universities and will get the opportunity to present their work in international meetings and conferences.

Qualifications and how to Apply:

  • We are interested in self-motivated, focused and hard-working individuals with an ability for creative and innovative thinking.
  • We are interested in applicants with strong academic backgrounds from all Engineering fields as well as Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics. You can document your background by sending us by Email an (unofficial) transcript of your academic record including courses/grades
  • Please include a CV as well as a brief statement of your research experience and any demonstrated programming skills.
  • you are encouraged to contact Prof. Koutsourelakis if you have any questions on the requirements or the research activities of the group.

Kontakt: Prof. P.S. Koutsourelakis: p.s.koutsourelakis@tum.de

Further refenrencehttp://portal.mytum.de/jobs/wissenschaftler/NewsArticle_20150504_125239