PhD in Environmental Chemistry in Germany

At the Institute of Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry) of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg is the place to 01.07.2015 an / a research assistant / employee (PhD student / in) (E13 TV-L, 50%) -. Limited to 3 years – to occupy. Prerequisite: university degree (diploma or master) in chemistry or food chemistry. The activities include the participation in the teaching duties (internships and seminars), methodological work on the organic residue analysis, the development of methods for instrumental environmental analysis, as well as the study of environmental and food samples.

 It requires good knowledge in the field of instrumental organic analysis (GC, HPLC, MS), the sample preparation in the field of environmental chemistry and foreign language skills in English (spoken and written).

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Application quoting the Reg.-Nr .: 5-3211 / 15-H with the usual documents until 05.22.2015 to Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Lorenz Email: wilhelm.lorenz @